Where do i stand with pc world?

  denzle 21:21 09 Jan 2003
  denzle 21:21 09 Jan 2003

I purchased Microsoft links 2003 from pcworld recently and after installation went to play the game when a message came up that 3d acceleration was disabled,i followed the prompts and selected my graphics card which is a Matrox g400 dual head 32mb,however the same thing happened again thus making the game unplayable,after much searching on the web and the microsoft data base i find that the g400 does not meet the minimum spec to play the game so where do i stand as regards a refund? as all i've got to show for my £34.00 is three very shiney beer mats,i read the min. spec to run the game and all it says is for win 98 64mb ram 400mhz cpu 16mb 3d graphics card well within my pc's spec,do you think i could get a refund? And how can i run a demanding game like Grand theft auto 3 and not a not so graphically demanding game like golf!!!!!!
Any advice would be welcome....cheers

Outside the doors and never to go in ;-))

Seriousely and before Gandalf appears to berate me for a little jibe that has no basis in fact....

PCW are VERY GOOD at software refunds.

I purchased Dragon Naturally Speaking Preferred before Christmass and as I had a major problem with Via Voice made sure that they would accept it back. Catagorialy told no problem, software or not and box opened or not if it was not compatable then i could return it! (Within a reasonable time of course).

PS - See Gandalf - it WAS only a jibe after all....

  bremner 21:41 09 Jan 2003

Having read this on the Matrox site click here and then I have taken this from the Links 2003 read me file re graphics issues.

Matrox Marvel G400
Using this video card, Links 2003 may hang at launch on Windows ME. The latest drivers from Matrox fix this problem.

Matrox Millennium G400
When using retail drivers for Matrox Millenium G400 on Windows 98 SE, in 16-bit color, golfer body parts may disappear. Updating to the latest drivers fixes the problem.

I cannot see that your card will not work with this game.

  hugh-265156 22:01 09 Jan 2003

when i bought my pc from pcworld i was told pick a game/mousemat/cdrs etc.however the game was not xp compat.i brought back the following day along with my reciept for an exchange.i was told as it had been opened pcworlds policy is not to refund/exchange opened software.i was not happy to say the least as i had just spent a lot of money the day previous on a system.i pointed out that this was my first pc and the salesperson should have pointed out to me that the game would not run on xp.no joy!

  BRYNIT 22:47 09 Jan 2003

You could always try useing the words I asked your sales advisor would this game work on my computer and was told it would (no guarentees).

  Audeal 23:42 09 Jan 2003

All goods should be suitable for their intended purpose. Tell them so and demand your money back.

  MichelleC 09:19 10 Jan 2003

This is a bit of a grey area. PCW cover their rear port by showing a disclaimer to the effect they will not refund on software. Their argument is it's up to the buyer to know min specs etc. But I've had a refund from PCW on a Roxio prog, BUT I did make a lot of noise.

  bobbyp 09:32 10 Jan 2003

I don't buy games from PCW anymore as they do not exchange in my experience.

The only time they did was when they had actually covered up the Requirements with a Sticker. Even that took 10 minutes and a conversation with the manager.

(And they are expensive)

  denzle 13:04 10 Jan 2003

Thank you all for your kind advice,i think i shall have to grin and bare it and try and install the game on me new laptop,as regards drivers for my graphics card i've upgraded,downloaded patches etc etc and the game still tells me that the g400 card is below min spec.I shall post at a later date and tell you if it runs on my laptop running win XP but with 32mb on board graphics so don't hold your breath.
Thanks again......Denzle

  wullie1 20:24 10 Jan 2003

take it back and demand your rights under the trade descriptions act as not being of mearchantable quality and dont take no for an answer make a big fuss but be polite at all times pcw dont like you to make a fuss in the store bad for business as potential customers are there and demand to see the store manager if not there then assistant manager or duty manager
trust me they will give you a refund

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