Where do i set the capture button?

  ACOLYTE 18:41 20 Mar 2006

I have a small video cam,nothing fancy a cheap one i got from Argos a few years ago,it has a button on top that when pressed is supposed to capture whatever is in front of the cam and open it in a program,only it doesnt work lol,i have looked in the programs i have that came with the cam called smartcamera,but i cant find anything that could be used for the button.

  woodchip 18:50 20 Mar 2006

Normaly you turn the Camera on and then press the button if you can see a picture. Or look in the Program for record button

  ACOLYTE 19:02 20 Mar 2006

It doesnt work when i open up the video viewer so i can see myself onscreen,i can click a button in the viewer to save a pic as a .bitmap image,but the button doesnt work,also i thought it was supposed to open itself up in a pic program like irfamview and show you the pic even if it wasnt open before.The cam is always on,well the light on it is anyway.

  woodchip 19:09 20 Mar 2006

Try NetMeeting If you have XP then you may have got it but click here

  ACOLYTE 19:13 20 Mar 2006

Sorry woodchip,but what has netmeeting got to do with me wanting to capture images from my cam with the capture button?

  woodchip 19:21 20 Mar 2006

O now I know, If you have Images are they Video or Pictures? If Pictures can you see in Win Explorer Removable Drive at Bottom or a Camera Icon? If you Can then try opening it

  woodchip 19:21 20 Mar 2006

PS NetMeeting will let you Capture Video

  ACOLYTE 19:25 20 Mar 2006

I dont have any images or video yet this is what im trying to do lol,there is no icon for the cam it just plugs into the USB port its not digital just a standerd cam.

  ACOLYTE 19:34 20 Mar 2006

Ok,let me ask is there any free software that can be setup to use the cam and the button?

  woodchip 19:40 20 Mar 2006

As I said if it works like a Video Cam then Netmeeting will Record what it sees so you can send as E-Mail's etc

  baldtaco 21:37 20 Mar 2006

Can windows movie maker see down it?

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