Where do I put music in order for iTunes and Media player to access it easily?

  hawthorn59 20:16 10 Sep 2012

Hi folks,

Having reformatted a couple of months ago, I am now ready to put my music back on my laptop. I like WMP but also iTunes, especially as I have an iPhone.

However Im a bit confused as to where exactly I should drag over my music collection. If I put it in My Music, will only WMP be able to access it? Is iTunes looking in a different place??

Also for future use, if I import a CD to WMP will it also go to iTunes? Im unsure of this?

Or would I be better off just using one player, and which one!?



  northumbria61 20:46 10 Sep 2012

Take a look here to see if this helps - scroll down to about 6th or 7th posting which hopefully explains what you need to do.

enter link description here

  Nontek 21:04 10 Sep 2012

I have both iTunes and WMP on my Win7 PC, does not matter where I put my music, I can play the music with either of them.

  Nontek 21:05 10 Sep 2012

Import a CD into iTunes and you can still access that music in WMP.

  hawthorn59 04:36 11 Sep 2012

But it looks like they look in different locations! OK if I import a CD into iTunes, WMP can still access it, but does it work the other way around...?



  Nontek 08:02 11 Sep 2012

Yes - basically because all your music is in one folder. i.e. My Music.

  hawthorn59 12:57 13 Sep 2012

No I've imported a CD into WMP but its not displayed in iTunes Library/Music

Its a bit of a pain!

  Nontek 13:29 13 Sep 2012

Try it the other way round, import CD to iTunes, then have a look in WMP - after doing a re-start.

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