where do I put -dll file

  Billdebonnet 21:10 09 Mar 2007

Hi everyone , Please could you help me in where do in install a -dll file ? I have got a program and it comes up you have a missing mgiipl4.dll file missing , I went to the dll siter and obtained the said file but it does not tell me where to install and what folder . Thanks for reading will be most appreciated for you feedback Thanks

  Technotiger 21:18 09 Mar 2007

Hi, I believe that file is in fact Malware - you should run all your Anti-Everything programs to get rid of it.

  Technotiger 21:18 09 Mar 2007

ps - it comes up in what Program?

  skidzy 21:20 09 Mar 2007

I have to agree with Techno here,all the info i could find relates to Spyware/Malware.

Run your av and antispyware apps in safe mode.

  SLAYER 21:21 09 Mar 2007

Have a look here,I do not think its malware.

click here

  Billdebonnet 21:22 09 Mar 2007

Hi Technotiger, when I load MGI Photo Suite 4 that is when it comes up

  Kate B 21:39 09 Mar 2007

That's a legit file from Photosuite, as far as I can see from my Googling.

  Technotiger 21:39 09 Mar 2007

Various sources have this file down as *possible* Malware, but none of them seem to be certain yet. How long has PhotoSuite been asking for the missing file? If you have been using PhotoSuite previously then perhaps you could do a System Restore back to before it started asking for the file, or saying it was missing. If that does not work, then you could re-install Photosuite4 from the original software over the installed program. I use PhotoSuite4 as well, but have never had this problem.

  skidzy 21:40 09 Mar 2007

Slayers link says it has not been analyzed and deemed safe.

Bill is the software loaded on the pc,if so uninstall this via its own uninstaller or add and remove programs,then run ccleaner click here the system and load your program again.If you have the disc,i doubt that the file is missing off that.

  skidzy 21:42 09 Mar 2007

Should read " then run ccleaner click here then reboot"

  Billdebonnet 10:33 10 Mar 2007

Thanks every one for your help we lost the disk and I tried to capture the program off my wife's computer but it would not find the said dll file so it looks like I will have to go and buy a new program to start all over again so I would like to say a big Thank You

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