Where do I look for 350 watt PSU for my mATX Case?

  tony777 03:46 10 May 2003


I want to know where I can find a 350 watt (or good enough to make it run a Radeon 9700 card etc) power supply that will fit my Hewlett packard 434.uk model. I "think" it's a Micro tower. Anyway when I ask people about fitting a Radeon 9700 in my PC, and tell them I have a Power supply of 200 watts, I am imediately told to upgrade my PSU first, and given links to various Power-supply sites.

This is all ok, but how do I know that it will fit in my case? - and where do I look for dimensions online? Anyway, the dimensions of my PSU are: 15CM * 8.5CM * 10CM. (6 inches/ 3.5 Inches/4 Inches)

Do these dimensions conform to any particular standard?.



  tony777 21:34 10 May 2003

Can someone tell me where I *CAN* find power suppiles like the one I mentioned (dimentions etc?), Is there a place that does PSU for mATX cases? - or would a normal ATX fit anyway? - even if it means adding an axesaw/hammer and chisel to my Shoping basket in the process?



  pj123 22:10 10 May 2003

Check this site click here and give them a ring or email them.

  The PC Doctor 22:21 10 May 2003

All ATX power supplies are standard sizes so any should fit ok.

i normally use Dabs click here
I've just ordered 2 350W atx psu's for about £17

  The PC Doctor 22:25 10 May 2003

Just had a thought - If you have a local trade show I would suggest you use it to look at cases.

In the North East (UK) my local Trade show normally sells 350W-400W cases for between £20-£25 why not treat yourself to a new case and pwoer supply whilst you at it.....

  hugh-265156 23:34 10 May 2003

click here thought my last advice might have helped.if you type the model no.of your psu into google or any search engine you will get details on it ie/if is atx micro atx or a custom jobbie.there will be a label on the psu with the maker and model on it.

  tony777 01:14 11 May 2003

It did help, I found out that my case/psu is of Micro ATX.

Huggy71, I am just wondering if it would be more beneficial to get a new case (ATX - not Micro ATX) that supports Micro ATX Motherboards, so I can just swap all my parts over, and use them in a new case that comes with a 300 watt +power supply. Thanks.

PC Doctor, i looked at dabs, but can't seem to find mATX (micro) power supplies...maybe i missed something? - yes I may just visit a computer fair...and take the whole lot down!


  hugh-265156 01:29 11 May 2003

may aswell get a new case with a psu installed dosent cost much extra and a larger case will give room to breathe.

  tony777 01:42 11 May 2003

Thanks Huggy71 once again.

Will it be a simple procedure of changing all my parts (all of them) from my Micro case to ATX?, and just write/note down things etc, or could it be more complicated than this?



  hugh-265156 01:52 11 May 2003

standard case will fit all.should not have a problem.get one with a psu 350-400 already in it though.all the rest should fit but make sure you ask or check first.

  hugh-265156 01:54 11 May 2003

click here for some good info videos check out form factors.

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