Where do i find my wireless switch

  DF2005 16:59 27 Sep 2005

Bought a new Laptop for my daughter to go off to college. She wants to be able to send emails etc and not always use the college network. So I tried to see if I could get on the Web remotely. The laptop would not connect and a dialogue box came up saying the "wireless switch may be turned off". It failed to tell me where to find it.
1 Does anyone know where to look?
2.What are the implications of activating it?

Answers as non techy as poss pls.

  mco 18:00 27 Sep 2005

well on my laptop there is a switch on one side which has a sort of antenna symbol by it and an on/off selector. So you could try looking for that. I assume you have wireless in your house to check you can get on it?

  Jackcoms 18:15 27 Sep 2005

Alternatively, go to Start; Connect to; Show all Connections.

You should then see, inter alia, an antenna symbol. Right clicking on that symbol/icon should give you the option to activate/de-activate the wireless connectivity.

The implications of activating? Probably not a lot.

If the PC detects a wireless network connection in the vicinity - be it a hotspot or your neighbour's wireless network - you should be asked if you want to connect or not.

  Totally-braindead 18:22 27 Sep 2005

If you post back with the make and model of the laptop someone may be able to give you precise instructions.

  wjrt 22:36 28 Sep 2005

instruction manual for ours was on CD which came with laptop. Pressing Fn plus F1 toggles wifi on and off. this is centrino processor.

  TelH 11:41 12 Nov 2005

I have the same problem I cannot find a switch on my tiny laptop. if any one can locate it for me I would be most grateful

  Jackcoms 15:54 12 Nov 2005

Did you bother to read my post of 27/9 at 18:15?

There is no such thing as a wireless 'switch'.

  tarkus 09:38 13 Nov 2005

Sorry but your wrong a few laptops, Toshiba, Packard Bell and a couple from Dell do have a switch on them somewhere to enable or disable the wireless antenna

  ade.h 18:23 13 Nov 2005

HP has too. It's a button next to the keyboard.

  theboxes 13:56 14 Nov 2005

Yeah on my tiny its an antenna looks like a Y with an extra bit on the "1" toggles with Fn

  woodchip 15:49 14 Nov 2005

Is the Wi-Fi setup to connect to the Network you want to connect to??? you should get the needed Info from who ever runs it

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