where do i connect my monitor

  nonowtatall 21:25 05 Jul 2011

I have just been given an HP 430 desktop computer when i come to connect my keyboard mouse and monitor then switch on nothing shows the blue cable that comes from my monitor will only fit a one at the bottem of the tower there is a one on the mother board bit but it wont fit. does it require a special cable or am i doing some thing wrong i have wired many a computer and never had this problem can it be something else i am doing wrong

  chub_tor 22:20 05 Jul 2011

The most common monitor connectors are shown here Perhaps the one at the bottom of your tower is a digital one like the one on the left and comes from a Graphics card although that sounds unusual as the location of a graphics card slot is rarely at the bottom edge of the motherboard. If the connector on the motherboard is similar to the one on the right then it is a VGA analogue connector. If you do indeed have two graphics outputs, one from onboard graphics and one from a separate graphics card, you may need to select which one to use in your BIOS. However this reply should get your thread bumped back to the top and others may be able to help.

  nonowtatall 09:47 06 Jul 2011

the blue connector on the right is simmilar to the one at the bottom but the blue one on the mother board has pins where the other has holes also there is a sticker next to it saying serial how can i get into bios if i can not see my screen to alter it also just below the blue one on the mother board part is a black blanking plate and it has on it do not remove any thing else i can try

  chub_tor 12:01 06 Jul 2011

From your post then the one at the bottom of the tower is a VGA connector for the monitor and that is where it should be plugged in. The connector on the motherboard is a serial port, an almost legacy device once used for connecting external devices such as a mouse or an external modem. As you do not have VGA on your motherboard then you do not have to enter the BIOS at this stage.

If you have plugged your monitor into the correct output at the bottom of your case and you do not have a signal at all when you boot up the first thing to check is the monitor and its connections. Does it work with a different PC? If so you can rule out the monitor. If not then have you turned up the brightness and contrast so that objects on the screen can be seen? Is there any indication that the monitor is receiving a signal? Very often an indicator on the monitor will change from red or orange to green when a signal is being received.

Having made sure that the monitor is good then you have a problem with the PC itself. When you switch it on does anything light up? Do fans and hard drives whirr? Do you hear a beep from the PC to show that the POST has been successful? Some of those will indicate that the PC is receiving power and booting up. If none of those are happening then you have a PC problem that needs investigating - could be a failed power supply among other things.

If you have signs of life from the PC but still no picture on a good monitor then the chances are that the graphics card has failed and this will mean taking the covers off the PC to check that the Graphics card is securely seated in its socket, that its fan (if it has one) is spinning and not covered in dust/fluff.

Try these things first and then report back how you get on.

  nonowtatall 21:54 09 Jul 2011

sorry for late feedback. how there are not a lot of fires in the home from computers beats me when i removed the covers I was amazed at the dust it was everywhere after a good hoover I put it back together and booted it up and it is running like a dream thanks for your excellent help now i will give mine a good old clean out regular many thanks

  rdave13 00:01 10 Jul 2011

Excellent advice from chub_tor if I may say.

To save me looking into this thread again could you possibly click on the tick to the right of chub_tor's answer that helped? Shows that the problem is resolved.


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