Where did the Raptors go?

  Phrixos 15:19 26 Oct 2009

I'm thinking of replacing my poorly eroforming Samsung SPO812C main drive (I've always regretted that choice) with a Raptor WD740GD--but I'm wondering why, when I go direct to the Western Digital site, there is no mention of the Raptors--only the Caviar drives.

Anybody know whats up here?

  lotvic 18:07 26 Oct 2009

I believe the new ones are called WD VelociRaptor click here
the Raptor WD740GD (capacity only 74GB isn't made anymore)

  Arthur Scrimshaw 18:09 26 Oct 2009
  Arthur Scrimshaw 18:11 26 Oct 2009

an 'enterprise drive'?!

  GaT7 18:17 26 Oct 2009

Raptor drives (& their newer versions) are relatively expensive & not worth the premium I reckon.

Get a standard large 7200rpm SATA2 drive (not the 'green' ones) for almost a tenth of the price (when one calculates by GB/£) & it'll be almost as good. G

  I am Spartacus 19:14 26 Oct 2009

Agree about the VelociRaptors not being worth the money. Mine had similar performance to a Samsung F1 1TB and even that is now bettered by recent drives.

  Phrixos 19:24 26 Oct 2009

Thanks, everyone, for chipping in.

Not made any more----I suspected as much. Too bad. That would seem to explain why, while the Velociraptors are SATA 3.0 (3Gb/s) the WD740GD is (uh, was) only SATA 150.

Eh, Crossbow, you certainly are right about the cost, for I surely do not need a primary drive of more than 80Gb--making the Velociraptors doubly-expensive in that way, but as for other-brand drives being just as fast or even nearly so, I don't think so.

My system's "Windows Experience Index," at 4.1, is way below what it could be with its Pentium Q6600 CPU--that rarely gets off its knees, at about 25%, tops--and I'm looking at ways of raising that figure. My ("only") 2GB of ram doesn't seem to be the cause of my bottlenck, since I rarely see it go above 50% usage, and I am reasonably satisfied with my Radeon 3600 series graphics card, so my first port of call would seem to be my (2) slow hard drives.
For reasons that don't bear going into, I'm not keen on RAID, so that leaves the fastest drives I can afford.
I don't see one out there that can touch the Raptors--except possibly a Seagate 10K.6373307LW.

Any opinions on IT?

  I am Spartacus 21:29 26 Oct 2009

Helps if you read reviews click here

  I am Spartacus 21:32 26 Oct 2009

Old review for the Samsung F1 click here

  Phrixos 22:01 26 Oct 2009

Definitely food for thought.

  Phrixos 22:50 27 Oct 2009

I'm currently looking at a

Seagate ST31500341AS

--but there was talk, a year or so ago, of Seagate's Tetrabyte drives randomly "freezing" (which Seagate have formally admitted to, with the comment, "we're looking into this.")

Does anybody know if this is still a problem?

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