Where did my XP MS Spyware Prog go?

  Patr100 23:54 16 Jan 2005

I installed it but I can't find it! Can't see it in add/remove progs. or Progs listing. Where is it actually located? Is it now part of Windows Firewall - ( which I have disabled as I use Sygate)
Where or how can it be configured or run or uninstalled?

  ACOLYTE 00:46 17 Jan 2005

It should have put a short cut on the desk top and there should be a icon in the taskbar,you can right click this to alter settings.I uninstalled it and cant remember what the program group was but i know it was in start/programs.

  Gandalph 01:17 17 Jan 2005

It should show up in Start>All Programs as Microsoft AntiSpyware. Acolyte is quite right it should have put a Red, Yellow and Black type Bullseye in the Task bar.

  Patr100 01:26 17 Jan 2005

Thanks guys, but there's no sign if it.

I even went back to Windows Update to check -
there are no more critical updates and the MS site update history for my PC says it was downloaded along with the last critical update last week.

  ACOLYTE 01:28 17 Jan 2005

Did you install it after download?,im not sure but i didnt get it from the update site and it needed to be installed unless you ran it from the server.

  ACOLYTE 01:31 17 Jan 2005

click here

Download it again and save it then install after.

  Patr100 01:33 17 Jan 2005

Also Says the installation of the Malicious Software Removal Tool was successful.

  ACOLYTE 01:36 17 Jan 2005

I dont think that is the same thing,but im not sure.

  ACOLYTE 01:38 17 Jan 2005

Just checked its a different thing to the link i gave to miscsoft spyware program,i to installed the malicious removal tool,and then dlaoded the other.

  Patr100 01:43 17 Jan 2005

Thanks. I just downloaded it from your link.
It's now installed OK. Not even sure I need it, specially if MS start to charge for it as is likely. but can have a look at it now.

  Gandalph 02:05 17 Jan 2005

I read a thread on another forum saying that Microsoft where going to give the Beta Testers a free program and free updates when it was released. How true this is remains to be seen.

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