Where did all the RAM go?

  Cobra5wood 21:41 28 Aug 2006

I just added 512 Meg of Ram to my PC for a new total of 1024 Meg. I use Freeram to tell me how much Ram is available at any given time. It always launches first upon bootup followed by Zonealarm, Spysweeper, and Norton Utilities(Newer "GoBack" version). When I only had 512 Meg, Freeram would say I had 285 available upon bootup. Now with 1024 Meg, Freeram says I only have 485 available. What happened to the other 312 Meg I just installed? My "virtual ram" is currently set at approxemetly 500 Meg for a lower and 1500 Meg for an upper limit. I also just installed a new ATI Radeon video card with 256 Meg. Is it possible to determine how the 539 Meg which is "allocated" from my total is being used(since Freeram says only 485 is left)?

  STREETWORK 22:08 28 Aug 2006

Open System Information, from Start, Programs, Accessories. Check here to see where the RAM is allocated.

Post back with the results.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:09 28 Aug 2006

Where did all the RAM go?

Norton Utilities

  X™ 22:24 28 Aug 2006

I actually have the same problem. Well, my brother has, he has 640MB of RAM, in the correct slots, and yet he can only use 278MB, I know on-board graphics don't help, but he has a 16/32MB card. I don't know where it has gone, as his PC is not on the web, and is almost like a clean install, as only few programs are installed.

  DieSse 00:14 29 Aug 2006


Windows and other running programs are using it. The more you put in, the more it will use (up to a point) - as this makes it more efficient.

If Win doesn't have real RAM, it uses virtual RAM (space on the hard drive), which is much slower. So with more real RAM it uses more, and less virtual RAM.

This is why more RAM can speed up Win (up to a point).

As Fruit Bat /\0/\ says - NU is a real system hog.

  DieSse 00:15 29 Aug 2006


Please start your own thread - you may have a different problem, and it gets too confusing to answer it here. Plus you will then get emails telling you about answers, and Cobra5wood won't get answers meant for you.

  woodchip 00:27 29 Aug 2006

The more Ram you install, the more Windows will gobble for it's self

  X™ 08:37 29 Aug 2006

No, I already asked this question on a seperate thread, and nobody could help. I was telling him/her as, a sort fo guideline? I dunno.

  silverous 09:05 29 Aug 2006

A good way to see how much hase been used at 'peak' is to look at task manager on the performance tab and read the "peak" figure at the bottom-left. If this is (as it is in my case) 2,191,532 then I've used that many K at the peak. i.e. about 2 GIG (in my case)

Take a look at that and let us know the amount in there.

  DieSse 09:24 29 Aug 2006

The same answer probably does apply to your brother actually - my apologies if you weren't trying to hijack the thread.

Windows uses lots of RAM, and the more you have, the more it uses. That's why "free" RAM is always just a proportion of the full amount.

For instance I've got 1GB of real RAM and 576 MB free - which I regard as very normal. When I only had 512MB real RAM (until recently), Win was using far less of course - it was just using virtual memory more.

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