Where is the cheapest place to get a desktop PC?

  dvdcompare 08:57 13 Jan 2009

Just want a base unit for my Mum to use for surfing the internet, sending e-mails, using Word etc.

Want to spend under £150 and if possible under £100 although I understand this may be unachievable!

  canarieslover 09:14 13 Jan 2009

Try somewhere like Morgan Computers. click here
Alternatively look in local papers. Secondhand may be a better bet if you know what you you are doingwith computers.

  Technotiger 09:14 13 Jan 2009

Have a look around your local Charity Shops, there are several in my location and they often have used desktops, going very cheap. I bought one just a few weeks ago, played for it a while, connected it on-line, updated it as much as I could for free - just for fun, then gave it away to another charity shop. Also see plenty of scanners and printers in the same shops. Prices - £20 and under, for working, or mostly working PC's and peripherals.

  Technotiger 09:17 13 Jan 2009

should have read ..... played with it for a while,

  canarieslover 09:17 13 Jan 2009

Yet another source.
click here

  Jim_F 09:46 13 Jan 2009

I wouldn't buy from a charity shop or any other non-business source unless you are confident you can check the safety of the equipment - this goes for PCs and even more so for the cheaper CRT monitors. The cold cathode strip lights used in scanners on their own have enough voltage to send you to 'another place' and I don't mean the house of lords.

(Most charity shops in our area won't take such equipment as they can't legally sell it!)

I'd suggest either the new netbooks - purpose-built for email and surfing or local shops but beware - if any 2nd hand mains kit including PSUs hasn't got a current test label or waranty the chances are it hasn't been tested.

  Technotiger 09:57 13 Jan 2009

Who said they can't legally sell it - click here

  Jim_F 10:17 13 Jan 2009

On a quick scan I note all the chains including Currys & PC World are offering the Compaq Presario 5601 base unit on the web at around £185 - PC World are even offering an Acer at £90 !

In your place I'd certainly give the Cimpaq a look as the spec is fine on the one's I've seen (Dual core Celeron and 1Gb RAM)

  Jim_F 10:22 13 Jan 2009


A quick link I found:

click here

All the charity shops in my area (South London) now have notices to the same effect.

  dvdcompare 10:57 13 Jan 2009

The £90 at PC World is unavailable. :(

  Technotiger 11:02 13 Jan 2009

Jim_F, an excellent guide, most of the contents of which I have been aware of for many years - as far as I know all our local charity shops are also aware of the legalities, labelling their electrical items accordingly. We have locally, Help-the-Aged (or Age Concern - I am always getting the two mixed-up, old age I guess), Salvation Army shop, the Ark (animal charity) and a specialist Cat charity shop. So I have plenty of choices of buying electrical goods legally!

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