Where can I learn how to build a Web Site

  Border View 19:48 05 Nov 2005

I am fairly computer literate when it comes to Microsoft Word, Xcel, power point etc. but no absolutely nothing about building my own web site. I have Windows 98SE with a 800mhz AMD 384 RAM 30GB hdd.

Can anyone please advise me where to begin. My web site would be for my family history and information about my local village.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

  PurplePenny 20:05 05 Nov 2005

First you will need software with which to build it.

If you want to use a WYSIWYG (the easiest way to do it) there are several to choose from: you may already have Frontpage; NetObjects Fusion was given away on the PCA cover CD/DVD back with the April issue; Nvu is Open Source (free) click here .

If you want to learn HTML/CSS and do it from scratch W3Schools is a good place to start click here it gives you tutorials and interactive examples (you rewrite the code and see what happens). This is quite useful even if you do go with the WYSIWYG approach because you may need to tweak the code that the software produces.

If you decide to start from scratch using HTML and CSS you will need an editor; HTML-Kit from Chami is free for personal use and has loads of add-ons for all sorts of other languages so it will grow with you click here

  PurplePenny 20:07 05 Nov 2005

You will need somewhere to host it as well!

Do you have some free web space from your ISP? That woudl be a good place to start.

  Forum Editor 23:05 05 Nov 2005

If you're used to using Microsoft Office - and I know that you are - you might find FrontPage has a familiar look to it. It's a pretty friendly program, has lots of easy-to-use themes, and there are a million templates available if you want to start with something that already works. My best advice would be to get hold of FP 2003, it's streets ahead of previous versions.

Good luck - come back here as often as you like for specific advice/help; I know how confusing it can all be at the beginning.

  Border View 23:06 05 Nov 2005

Many thanks for responding PurplePenny. Sorry I've just got back to you - been a bit busy. I'm with Pipex and am sure they allow me some free web space.

I shall have a look at the links you have posted and see where I go from there. Thank you.

  Border View 23:48 05 Nov 2005

Have had a look at W3Schools and found it excellent. Even did the exercise for my first page. Thanks for the advice FE about FP2003. Will it run OK with my 98SE.

  Forum Editor 23:55 05 Nov 2005

FP 2003 needs Win 2000 (with SP3) or later, and 128Mb of RAM.

Time for an upgrade perhaps?

  Border View 00:02 06 Nov 2005

I'm OK with the RAM because I installed an extra two sticks of memory taking me up to 384. Looks like I'm going to have to upgrade to XP in the very near future. Regards.

  [email protected] 17:14 06 Nov 2005

Hi. I'm going down that road myself and it gets very confusing if you try to start halfway!!! My research shows you can do it for nothing or big bucks. You can learn to do it professionally or use simple drag/drop programs. I downloaded all the free trial versions I could get hold of [most are 30 days] - and playing around with them gives you a real feel for what you are up against. BlueVoda click here [don't know how its rated by other forum members] provides loads of instruction video's to watch and appears to have an active forum for problems although I have not signed in yet. I have FP but I have noticed wanadoo.fr doesnt accept a site in FP format [maybe because they provide their own simple site design tool]?. Another way to get familier is to get yourself a Yahoo email address then download their free site tool and play with it. Dont worry yourself about hosting just yet ;-)
Good luck.

  mco 20:08 06 Nov 2005

Wandadoo.fr won't accept a site in frontpage? That's odd.

  Border View 12:25 07 Nov 2005

Thanks for that wotbus. Shall have a look at Yahoo.

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