Where can i get a Crucial 128Mb 9700 Pro???!!!!

  Sunny-275842 00:33 11 Jun 2003

I was so stoked that crucial had the cheapeast 128Mb (256DDR Mem) 9700 Pro card, but now i just went on the Crucial site (UK) and they dont sell the thing!!! :'( the price was reasonable and i was thinking to purchase it (after seeing Doom III, does that LOOK AMAZING OR W'HAT!)

well anyway, i cant find it on Komplett.

Can anyone tell me where you can get the Crucial 128Mb 9700 Pro Card???

Thanks in advance!


  hugh-265156 00:41 11 Jun 2003

click here maybe

  Sunny-275842 00:44 11 Jun 2003

hmmmm. anyway if it was that simple i woudnt have to ask. plus do they SHIP over from the US to the UK?!?

  Sunny-275842 00:45 11 Jun 2003

shipping for FREE that is

  hugh-265156 00:46 11 Jun 2003

oops sorry

  Sunny-275842 00:48 11 Jun 2003

thats ok :P but please help if you can find it be great help :)

  hugh-265156 00:50 11 Jun 2003

had a look around and looks like only crucial sell their cards.

give them a call.

  Sunny-275842 00:53 11 Jun 2003

could do.

i still keep posting see who knows

thanks anyway huggyg71

if anyone knows post back


  beeuuem 00:58 11 Jun 2003

Do you mean this one?click here

  Sunny-275842 01:00 11 Jun 2003

*shock* how did you find the card? :D



  Sunny-275842 01:04 11 Jun 2003

hmmmmmmm i found this click here the Saphire 9700 Pro which cost a tad bit more then to the Crucial which one should i get?

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