Where can I get a cheap CPU/Mobo bundle?

  May the Schwarz be with you... 17:52 12 Jul 2003

Hi, I posted this before click here but I still haven't yet found a good bundle and I ticked it because I was nearly about to buy this mobo with onboard 1Ghz CPU from ebuyer for £40 but then I was told by my brother that he wanted an upgradable set.

I'm looking for a mobo which has an AGP slot, probably Socket A and can have either SDRAM slots, DDR slots or even both. I am also looking for a Socket A CPU and it doesn't matter if it's a Duron because although my brother will play the occasional game, he isn't particularly a speed freak and will be surfing the net most of the time. I'm looking at under £60 if possible because I can just get a Socket A mobo and AMD Thunderbird 1.1Ghz for under £60.

Btw, is the Thunderbird 1.1Ghz 200Mhz FSB faster than a Duron 1.3Ghz 200Mhz FSB? I currently have this Duron and might give this to my brother and then have the Thunderbird myself since it only costs about £20.

  bremner 18:01 12 Jul 2003
  Diemmess 18:04 12 Jul 2003

From a reputable mail order firm click here

Well, the mobo looks ok and it's for my brother anyways but the Thunderbird is cheaper though and I already have a Duron 1.3Ghz and it would feel wierd to have 2 identical CPUs in the house though. Is the Thunderbird 1.1Ghz faster than the Duron 1.3Ghz?

  obbit 20:56 12 Jul 2003

click here

these seem good

  pj123 22:03 12 Jul 2003

They seem more expensive then buying the components separately off ebuyer though.

  bremner 08:10 13 Jul 2003

click here for all the test results on various processors

  jbaker65 10:34 13 Jul 2003

Hi, try click here. They are the best priced place I have found. cheers, John.

They cost about the same as ebuyer though. And I can't seem to get the icons where I click on to work. I think it's a Java problem because I had that last time.


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