where can i find a software that....

  biohazardcore 14:44 19 Feb 2007

....distributes programs from server to workstation like novell zenworks does but without the novell.


  Belatucadrus 15:10 19 Feb 2007

click here This any use ?

  biohazardcore 15:52 19 Feb 2007

not exctly what im looking for, but! i could do with that program anyway! thanks!

what im really after is a program that takes an install of a program and allows it to be deployed from a server to a workstation, which is what Zenworks for novell does called further applications.

however i was wondering if there is such a thing without having to get the novell one as that requires netware which i dont want to use.

  biohazardcore 16:37 19 Feb 2007

solved it

remotescope 2.6 click here

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