where can i find the drivers for my dvd writer?

  bta1 10:12 15 Mar 2004

I just installed an NEC ND 1000 x2.4 DVD+R writer into the machine and i need to download the drivers for it. I have looked on the site but i can't see anywhere (//nec.com or //nec.co.uk) thats in English. Could someone help??

  swampy123 10:19 15 Mar 2004
  hugh-265156 10:22 15 Mar 2004

windows has built in cd and dvd drivers and should automatically install them for you when you install the drive.

  swampy123 10:25 15 Mar 2004

do you mean software like nero? or do you mean drivers to make windows see the dvd writer

  bta1 10:30 15 Mar 2004

windows can;'t see the drive at the moment. I have jsut assumed it was drivers. Does this mean that the drive doesn't work?

  temp003 10:38 15 Mar 2004

You shouldn't need a driver for Windows to detect it. Check ide connection, power connection, and jumper settings again. Go into BIOS and see if BIOS detects it. If BIOS detects it but Windows doesn't, then it's Windows problem.

What CD/DVD burning software did you have and did you recently uninstall burning software and reinstall something new?

  bta1 10:49 15 Mar 2004

it didn't come with anything. I got it from bigpockets cheap and it only came as is.

BIOS all say auto so i don't know if this means its foud it or not.
How would i know?

I alreayd have nero isntalled.

  bta1 10:51 15 Mar 2004

i also have a cdrw installed at the same tiem. I have that as master and the other as slave. Should i swap them?

  hugh-265156 11:02 15 Mar 2004

shouldnt matter too much which drive is master or slave.set to master the drive you will use the most.

make sure both are on one cable on ide 2.

check the jumper settings on the rear of the drives are set correctly and the position on the cable matches this.(end of cable is master and halfway along it is slave)

check in the bios if set to autodetect and the drives are showing up in the main menu.

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