Where to buy new Duran 700mhz

  mosfet 10:43 14 Jun 2004

Have not found on the net,only Ebay & bought a dud.Mobo is Jetway 663as pro,so maybe a 850 or 950?

  SANTOS7 11:04 14 Jun 2004

have searched a few links and they nearly say the same thing "not available online" as by todays comparison it is a very slow processor if your mobo will support it you are better off buying the 1.3gig and above that are in plentyful supplyclick here this may help as well, good luck

  mosfet 11:16 14 Jun 2004

Thanks SANTOS7.I think the Bios would have to be flashed to go more than 950.I am loathe to do that really.It's my grandson's pc.

  sicknote 11:21 14 Jun 2004

This place click here has AMD Duron 650 MHz
if it's any help

  Dorsai 12:39 14 Jun 2004

cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&category=15920&item=3485898940&rd=1&ssPageName=WDVW for one on eBay.

If you do get one remember

you will need some thermal grease for it

I don't know if it's still tru but in the past it was possible to 'under-clock' cpu's

I had a really old system. The cpu died. I could not get a 150Mhz for love nor money, so got a 166Mhz and set it up to run at 150 (the max the mobo could do) It ran for a few more years.

  mosfet 16:56 14 Jun 2004

Sorry for delay,been out.
Thanks for the links,will have a look.

  Gongoozler 17:12 14 Jun 2004

Depending on how much you are prepared to spend, you might consider an alternative option.

Duron 1600 £28.19 inc VAT click here

Heatsink Coolermaster CP5-6J31C £4.69 inc VAT click here

Motherboard PC Chips Syntax SV266A £20.57 inc VAT click here

Power supply 400W £10.57 inc VAT click here

You can use your old PC100 or PC133 SDRAM and will have a much faster computer.

  mosfet 18:33 14 Jun 2004

Hi Gongoozler,your right.I have just built an Athlon xp1600 for the family.(because the 700 pc was playing up so bad).Was trying to sort out problem now we have exchanged pc's.A spare pc,& I would dearly love to sort it,out of interest.
Regards Les

  keith-236785 18:41 14 Jun 2004

i have just sent you an e-mail containing an advert but for privacy reasons i did not post on the forum.

  Totally-braindead 20:42 14 Jun 2004

Agree with Gongoozler you'll only manage to get one of these chips second hand. Suggest you go with his suggestion and buy a new board, processor, heatsink and fan and power supply. I think its the only way you'll get the computer working again. Only other thought is if you have a computer fair near you you MAY be able to pick up a second hand processor there.

  mosfet 21:36 14 Jun 2004

Many thanks ALL of you.I think I will go with sicknote's link & fit a 650.It would still be a fair pc for grandson's for £22.....Les

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