Where are settings for desktop appearance stored

  montyburns 14:11 29 Sep 2005

We use a lot of PC's in our office, with a fair few different profiles.

We like to have them all set up so they all look pretty much the same, and one thing that we always change is the font type and size for items like menus, message box etc (Display Properties, Appearance, Advanced). We usually swap "Tahoma 8 point" for "MS Sans Serif 10 point"

I know it's not a big issue to change them manually, but they must be stored somewhere, and logically, if we knew what the file was, we could copy it from machine to machine?

Anyone know what it is?

Also, some of our applications require desktop settings of 1024 by 768 pixels or higher. I personally struggle to read some items unless the desktop is set at 800 x 600, but this is often not practical. In "Display Properties, Appearance, Advanced" most settings can be adjusted to overcome this, but some can't, notably menus displayed when right clicking. In some of the higher res desktop settings, they're almost impossible to read. Is there any way of changing these anywhere?!


  jack 14:26 29 Sep 2005

Ultimately in the 'Display' Setting is in Conrol panel ,and then the appearance tab.
Depending on the version of windows you have this will reveal itself as a monitior screen with display inder it or as a button on its own in Control panel opening page.

  montyburns 14:33 29 Sep 2005

I'm doing it that way already! I'm just thinking that when you change a setting here, it must be stored somewhere (in a file? In a registry key?) and that this must be copyable?

  Stuartli 14:34 29 Sep 2005

Don't forget the Accessibility settings from Programs>Accessories which include a magnifier.

  Yoda Knight 15:00 29 Sep 2005

Do a search through the registry for the setting/string you require.

Changing your registry can cause serious damage though......

  montyburns 16:30 29 Sep 2005

"Don't forget the Accessibility settings from Programs>Accessories which include a magnifier"

My eyes aren't THAT bad!! LOL!

  montyburns 16:31 29 Sep 2005

"Do a search through the registry for the setting/string you require.
Changing your registry can cause serious damage though......"

Any idea where? Not scared of a challenge!

  Yoda Knight 16:35 29 Sep 2005

Go to Edit, Find. Press F3 until it produces the correct setting/string. You'll have to look at the position and guess if it is relative or not.

(And just to cover myself, once again:) Changing your registry can cause serious damage......

  Chegs ® 18:38 29 Sep 2005

C:\WINDOWS\Resources\Themes\Luna is where the files are in XP but you cannot do anything with them until you add a 3rd party app(StylesXP/Windowblinds,etc)

As far as I know. :-)

  Thalmus 19:12 29 Sep 2005

I think that most of the setting you are talking about is stored on a file called ntuser.dat, which is located in c:\documents and settings\username. Its a hidden file so amek sure you can see it by changing yuor foder options.

Try copying this to another users folder and see if that changes it.

A couple more tips: if you change the files name to ntuser.man it creates a mandatory profile which can't be changed.

Also in the c:\douments and settings folder you will see a folder called default user. When you create a new user on a machine it copies the ntuser.dat file from there. So if you set a machine the way you like, copy the ntuser.dat file to the default user folder and everytime yuo create a new user it should use the profile you want

  jack 19:52 29 Sep 2005

My advice for what is worth - stick to the old fashioned way- rather than risk your set up.

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