Where are the Outlook folders with saved emails?

  Dalglish2 09:41 15 Jun 2007

My work server will back up the inbox of my Outlook but not those emails I drag into Outlook folders I keep on my hard drive.
I want to create a local flash drive back up but don't know where to find the folder where those emails would be.
Any help welcome thanks

  PalaeoBill 10:13 15 Jun 2007
  Andy1991 11:31 15 Jun 2007

Why do that, when you can set outlook to auto-archive to a seperate drive everyday if you wish. Though to answer you origional question it is: C:\Documents and Settings\Andrew Lazenby\Local Settings\Application data\Microsoft\Outlook\outlook.pst.

Outlook.pst is the file where you personal flders is stored. C represents the letter of the drive in whecih widnows is installed on. Replace "Andrew lazenby" with you user name.

  PalaeoBill 15:03 15 Jun 2007

I agree with the auto-archive option it is a very good suggestion but please be aware that things could be a little more complicated than Andy1991 suggests. There could be more than one .pst file and outlook.pst may not be the one you want, especially if exchange server is involved. It depends upon how your network administrator set up the e-mail.

  Dalglish2 19:04 15 Jun 2007

Thanks guys...
did drill down into the hard drive but instead of .pst files, there are .ost files.
I am running Outlook 2003 and have enabled hidden files to be viewed.
Should there be a .pst?
I have not yet archived on this machine - is that why?

  PalaeoBill 21:14 15 Jun 2007

Your works network is using Exchange Server to look after your e-mail. It is likely that you don't have any .pst files.

The .pst is a personal folder file.
The .ost is a offline folder file.

When you are not connected to the network, your PC uses the offline folder file. So you can see mails that you have sent & received. You can still create new e-mails when offline. When you reconnect to the network, Exchange Server will synchronize with your offline folders (sending any pending mail and delivering any mail that came in while you were offline).

You can copy the .ost file if you want to, but I wouldn't attempt a restore from one without talking to your network administration. You would be better off doing using Outlooks export option or the auto-archive that Andy1991 suggested.

Hope this is of some help (and not too boring).
In yo

  PalaeoBill 21:16 15 Jun 2007

Alpologies for the last line 'In yo'.
The PC has been doing this to me all day. I am sure that text was not there when I clicked 'Post Response'.

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