where are old deleted unwanted files stored on pc?

  theDarkness 11:35 18 Dec 2009

I have noticed (as an example) that files I have either deleted or repaired are re-appearing (as an example), in:
C:\System Volume Information\_restore{CG6J8M-1H8F5F2Z-1B8M0O4I3}\RP19\A0001960.exe

2 questions!...

1 - Is there where old or deleted files are kept in XP if a program (such as a virus checker or windows own system restore program) takes note of old or previously unwanted files?

2 - I have recently done a system restore using my XP disc, and noticed old previously deleted files and folders (old empty folders or unwanted files) were reappearing. I wondered if all this repair data (eg all these old files) might also be kept in the above directory folder I noted?

thanks for any info

  theDarkness 11:37 18 Dec 2009

edit - the above link was an example of an old previously deleted file, renamed by windows (eg 'A0001960'), but having the exact same stats of the original

  Seth Haniel 11:47 18 Dec 2009

as it was when the restore point was made - so everything that was there when you made the restore point should in theory still be there.

  theDarkness 11:58 18 Dec 2009

my questions were if all old files are definately kept in the above windows directory, hidden from the user?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:00 18 Dec 2009

But system restore points only hold system files, if you delete documents or photos they will not be restored.

when you delete a file with windows it only has its first letter delete windows then cannot see the file and can then use the space to write something else.

Provide the file has not been overwritten it is recoverable by "fie recovery programs" like Recuva.

File shredders or erasers overwrite the space on the drive, where the file was located, with 0s several times to make the data non recoverable.

  theDarkness 12:34 18 Dec 2009

the process was :-

1 - ran a full avira scan previously - a supposedly clean system!
2 - avira found a suspicious .exe file (after a download), so in this download folder, I did not run it!
3 - I set avira not to allow the file user access (im not sure how avira does this, the file disappears and cannot be found)
4 - I did another full scan, clean system! (paranoia, lol)
5 - I needed the xp disc to do a system repair after xp going wrong! the repair was due to a rubbish logon screen program not letting me into windows (freezing logon screen), straight after an SP3 installation! (logonstudio-a free xp custom logon program), not linked to any viruses ;)
6 - after another full complete system scan (im like that!) avira finds this same identical exe renamed with identical stats in the above windows restore/RP/ directory.

I had not run the exe, so wondered if the "RP" folder in the restore directory was for a previous system repair using a repair xp disc, or if avira had put it there

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:40 18 Dec 2009

Avira should have put it into a "virus vault"

However as it looks like a system file a copy will have gone into the restore point folder copy which are not delete or overwritten during a repair of XP.

I suggest if your machine is working OK at the moment, you switch off system restore (this will delete all restore points) switch system restore back on and create a new restore point (so you have a known good point to go back to).

  theDarkness 13:30 18 Dec 2009

im guessing a vault would be a suspect file encrypted in some way in a hidden folder? The system itself did not have much on it at the time, hence the downloading- so im guessing before avira had found/scanned the file, xp must have been creating some auto restore points. I think ill just leave it at that, but it wouldve been better if xp actually allowed easy access to when restore points are created, or if there was more choice in what events will cause an auto restore point. thanks :)

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