Where are the messages stored in Outlook Express

  funf 13:22 20 Aug 2008

I was having a problem with the computer failing to start, crashing ect, so I fitted the hard drive externally to another computer and copied the complete disk to a folder on the new computer. I have managed to get all the photos, vidios and documents, but I cannot find where the Emails are stored. Hope someone can help me.

  scotty 13:26 20 Aug 2008

It varies slightly with different versions of Windows. Simplest thing to do is open explorer and use the search tool to find a file named Inbox.dbx. All your email folders (Sent.dbx etc) will be stored in the same location.

  DieSse 13:39 20 Aug 2008

Open OE and look in Tools - Options - Maintenance - Store Folder.

  DieSse 13:40 20 Aug 2008

Ah - sorry - that won't work when your drive is not the OS drive.

  lotvic 00:43 21 Aug 2008

To see the *.dbx folders you have to have 'show hidden files and folders' selected in Windows Explorer
right click My Computer > Explore >
Tools > Folder Options > View > and put green dot in 'Show hidden files and folders'
click on Apply and OK

The default store is
C:\Documents and Settings\<User>\Local Settings\Application Data\Identities\{GUID}\Microsoft\Outlook Express

When you do your search - in your case - you will look in the folders that you have copied from old harddrive.

I would suggest that you (re)copy them to a new folder on your desktop and then import them to your (new) Outlook Express account.
It is easier to browse to your desktop for them than drilling down to the other location during the import.

insideoe.com click here for more info on files and settings.

  funf 18:49 21 Aug 2008

Thanks for all the help. I have managed as scotty says but cannot open them.
I have tried lotvics method but cannot match the address.Cannot find USER

  lotvic 23:02 21 Aug 2008

USER = you (the name you gave windows to call you when you set up your XP user account)
for example:
Documents and Settings\funf\Local Settings\Application Data\Identities\{GUID}\Microsoft\Outlook Express

{GUID} = a long string of letters and numbers

If you want to view/read the emails without importing them to Outlook Express - which is the program used to open *.dbx files - then use something like OEviewer. Free from MiTeC click here and click on the round button (with orange symbol on) on right to download the zip file.

  funf 12:39 24 Aug 2008

Thanks lotvic you were bang on.Found them ok.

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