Where are the Control Panel Mail settings on XP?

  Fruity69 19:35 02 Feb 2003

I have just loaded Office 2000 on to my new XP Professional system. On loading Outlook I get the following....
"Unable to open your default e-mail folders. Outlook coult not start becase a location to send and receive mail could not be found. To add a location, such as a personal folder file, double-click the Mail icon in Windows Control Panel"
....and there's the problem - there is no Mail icon in XP's Control Panel from what I can see. Is it via some convoluted route?

Please help!

  bremner 19:43 02 Feb 2003

Friuty69 (Nice name)

Try Control Panel > Internet Options > Programs

  Fruity69 20:20 02 Feb 2003

Cheers Bremner - I can get to the internet options thanks - it's the Mail settings I need - to configure services/.pst/etc. Any other ideas?

  Irishman 20:35 02 Feb 2003

I have a mail icon in my control panel. Hovering over it brings up "Microsoft Outlook Profiles" and clicking on it brings up a box named "Internet Accounts" with nothing in it. As far as I remember it was always there.

  jazzypop 22:29 02 Feb 2003

Are you intending to connect to an Exchange server to send/receive mail, or do you plan to use the PC as a standalone with a 'conventional' POP3 mailbox?

If the latter, I think you have wrongly configured Outlook into Corporate Workgroup mode.

click here for an explanation of the modes, and how to change them.

  Fruity69 15:18 03 Feb 2003

Yes, I have configured for Corporate & Workgroup. I'm not using Exchange, but am using ACT! which requires the MAPI services to be available.

I don't want to change modes I just want to get to the Mail settings which use to be in the Control Panel on my Win98 system. Where has XP Professional put them?

  Kegger 15:29 03 Feb 2003

Go to Control Panel, select classic view, this will revert you back to old windows 9X settings and you will see the mail icon there set up the email account from the email wizards. then revert to category view

  Fruity69 15:50 03 Feb 2003

Kegger - I want your babies! A million thanks.

  Kegger 16:44 03 Feb 2003

You are more than welcome, i was on site for the first time adding some praise for Logitech and decided to have a look about. I am an IT manager looking after 14 sites and 274 users, we have been using XP for a while and it was an early problem we came across. if you get any other problems give me a shout.

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