Where are Contacts stored?

  s99Raj 09:53 20 Nov 2005

Does anyone know where the list of Contacts is stored when using Outlook Express?

I can find the Messages folder but not the location of the list Contacts.

  bremner 09:58 20 Nov 2005

search for the wab file click here

  s99Raj 10:01 20 Nov 2005

I'll have a go at that - thanks.

  s99Raj 17:29 20 Nov 2005

This doesn't make sense to me :

To determine the location of your OE WAB file, open the WAB in OE and click Help | About Address Book.

How can I open the wab file if I don't know where it is? I've done a search on the entire hard drive looking for *.wa? files but found none.

Where IS this address book kept?

  s99Raj 17:31 20 Nov 2005

Ah- never mind. Sorry, just figured it out.

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