where is all my physical memory going

  plzhelp 16:18 27 Aug 2005

i am running windows xp on 256 ram memory i have checked for spy ware etc but in system information it says i only have between 49.46 and 89.68 available is this normal or could i have a prob the 89.68 is with no prog running the 49.46 is running aol on broadband silver i have followed advice and have little starting on start up

  Diodorus Siculus 16:32 27 Aug 2005

What graphics card do you have? Could well be that 64mb or more is being taken up with graphics. That would leave you with what you have now.

  plzhelp 16:44 27 Aug 2005

all i know of it is its a bus type agp how can i find out more

  Diodorus Siculus 16:56 27 Aug 2005

click here
and download Everest - it will give you lots of info.

  bremner 17:32 27 Aug 2005

Although you can run XP with less than 256MB - to get any decent performance that is a minimum and 512MB is recommended.

If your graphics is on board and therefore reducing the amount available down to 192MB then you will continually using the pagefile slowing up performance further.

When you say you have no programs running what have you got in the system tray (the bit in the bottom right of the screen) All of those icons represents a program that is running and using memory.

  plzhelp 18:21 27 Aug 2005

i only have mcafee antivirus and my aol connection

  DieSse 18:33 27 Aug 2005

"...have between 49.46 and 89.68 available is this normal"

Looks fine to me - Win handles memory dynamically - when you have 512Mb, it will use much more than it is now - it saves time rolling in/out of virtual memory on disc. That's the reason why more RAM speeds up a system.

  plzhelp 18:58 27 Aug 2005

thanks for all your help

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