where is the 2nd harddisk?

  zincy 22:12 09 Jul 2005

Hello all
I recently formatted my hard drive (160gigs), and installed windows xp pro. back on. However it now doesnt detect my 2nd hard drive (200gigs).
Is there a setting that i need to do? or do i need to replug the new hard disk back?

thank you

  Taff36 22:41 09 Jul 2005

Is one set to master and the other slave on the jumpers?

  zincy 22:50 09 Jul 2005

yes, it was set exactly how it was before.
All i did was format the 160gig hard drive
and now it doesnt detect the 200gig one

  micktrish 23:05 09 Jul 2005

Check Power supply and plug to the additional harddrive

  wobblymike 08:12 10 Jul 2005


some basic checks

1. primary drive set to master or master with slave present on the jumper
2. secondary drive set to slave

3. is bios set to auto detect both

4, if above all ok try setting the slave drive to reduced capacity via the clip jumpers and see if it is detected then if so indicates your bios can't see a drive that big
5. assume you've formatted NTFS

  zincy 11:26 10 Jul 2005

thanks i have done what you guys suggested, however i now believe it's a norton go back problem. As i tried to use the 200gig as a primary drive and it came up with a error on norton go back. I cannot even get into sade mode.
shall i reinstall nornton go back on my 160 hard disk?

  Eric10 11:42 10 Jul 2005

Just to summarise what has mostly been said.

Are both drives detected by the BIOS?

Have you checked that 2 drives are showing under Disk Drives in Device Manager?

Have you looked for the second drive under Disk Management? (Right-click My Computer and choose Manage then click on Disk Management and check the drives shown in the right pane.)

If it is caused by Norton Go Back then I can't advise as I have never used it.

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