When wife does 'save' it goes to my 'My Docs'

  Morz 17:21 10 Nov 2006

Yes -
stuff she saves - web pages, files etc, they don't appear in her 'My Docs' but in mine (?)

Another anomaly noticed -

'Set Programme Access & Defaults' indicates and always reverts to 'Custom' no matter how many times one resets it to 'Microsoft'.

If in Custom, one changes to IE, Outlook etc, when you look at it again, it's 'defaulted' as if you'd set it to non-Microsoft programmes.

We both have 'Admin' rights.

Any ideas where I should start digging?

Many thanks

  FreeCell 17:57 10 Nov 2006

Check in your wife's account where it thinks her "my Documents" are. Right click on the "My Documents" icon and then "Properties". The Target setting should be pointing to a folder in C:/Documents and Settings/"your wife's accountname"/My Documents.

If it is "your accountname" then change it, as that's why you are both using the same My Documents folder.

  gilmore 19:21 10 Nov 2006

Thanks FreeCall -

Actually that was 1st thing I did and found OK - ../wife's name/My Docs.

Couldn't find anything relevant in Win 'Help&Support'.

Investigated if 'permissions' OK:
set each of us as 'Full Control' -

Looked in Reg HKEY...\Software\MS\Win NT\CurrentVersion\profilelist\"user ID" -
both our names at tail end of separate strings..

Have to admit no expert & only prodding around.

Running XP Home, IE7, O/L Exp.

Can u suggest another tack?

  FreeCell 19:52 10 Nov 2006


When you save that she saves files that end up in your My Documents folder, is it from any program?

When she opens Windows Explorer is her "My Documents" folder actually yours?

  Naeris 19:56 10 Nov 2006

I was going to say that freecell, perhaps she's saving them to your docs folder, try changing the folder name etc so it is clear when she saves. Windows usually opens the last folder saved to when downloading so she could just be thinking its her docs.

  Morz 20:51 10 Nov 2006

Thanks folks -

No - when she's logged on it's definitely her own My Docs folder she sees.
From Start,RtClick,Explore, I've looked at both folders and from contents can confirm that each is under correct user name.

No prob when I 'save' - Word Doc, drawing, WebPage or whatever go into my own docs folder.
Download Manager of course saves into it's own folder.

Something deeper/sinister here?

  palinka 23:49 10 Nov 2006

In our household we've deleted "My Docs" and we have folders for each family member called by their names : eg "G's Docs" or "P's docs".
They are not sub folders of anything else.
When we save, the options at "Save in" include those folders. They sit on the desktop, just as "My Docs" did.

  FreeCell 14:26 11 Nov 2006

In Word under Tools-Options there is a File Locations Tab (Well in MS Word 2000 there is. For your wife's account wen she is using Word what folder is used for Documents. Is it pointing to her My Documents?

If its any document saved from a number of unrelated programs (ie not all MS Office) then I'd guess it must be a registry corruption problem. IS this something that was working fine but has gone wrong quite recently?

  Technotiger 15:17 11 Nov 2006

Hi, your wife should try the "save-as" option, rather than just "save". Then with save-as, your wife can navigate through to make sure that her own My Documents is showing in the save-to location.

Hope that makes sense.


  [email protected] 16:15 11 Nov 2006

You have Windows XP, each with your own account?

When your wife is logged into HER account, stuff she saves is going to the My Documents of YOUR account?

What is she saving things from (eg. Internet Explorer, Word etc)?

When she saves them, does it ask her where to save the file. If she chooses the My Docs from the drop down menu at the top, it should go to the one on the account that she is logged onto. If not, have you tried going via My Computer, C:, docs and settings, 'wifes names', my docs?

  Morz 21:04 11 Nov 2006

Technotiger -
followed that track and, would u believe!,
when she did 'save as', it was actually MY name at the top which she hadn't noticed before.
Hitting the 'My Docs' button on the left brought up her own.
However, her My Docs does seem to 'default' to mine so needs checking and kicking back each time she saves.
Small prob which we can live with.

Thank you all for your time and interest

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