When was SP1 released

  ventanas 07:41 20 Jan 2004

Need to know because yesterday I swapped out the hdd in my office machine, reinstalled XP Pro, SP1 and all updates. Tried to reinstall the software that links up to our bank accounts, and it wouldn't install. Was informed that there is a problem with SP1 which blocks the installation, but will run ok if SP1 installed afterwards, which I alrady know.

The problem is with the software. The interface is from the days of Win3.1. No warnings issued by the bank about this. I have been in the office since 6.30 reformatting and starting again. I intend to make a big issue about this, but my arguments will depend on how long the bank's developers have had to correct the problem. I am told it will be next month, which is no good to me now. I suspect it has been out for about a year now.

Grateful for any clarification.

  Jester2K 07:47 20 Jan 2004

Well the SP-1a Read me at click here is dated 18 November 2002

  ventanas 07:48 20 Jan 2004

Thank you very much. Fourteen months, and no patch.

  Jester2K 07:50 20 Jan 2004

Also the latest dated files in the SP-1a download i have are dated Jan 2003.

  Jester2K 07:54 20 Jan 2004

I would wait for someone to confirm first. The date at the bottom is the last time the information on that page was updated. Obviously the patch isn't older younger than that as the dates of the patches themselves are older than that.

Something is wrong with the software and clashes with SP-1 but you can't be sure how long they've (the bank) known this for. Could only be a short while....

  ventanas 08:01 20 Jan 2004

Thanks for the warning. You could be right about their knowledge of the problem. They admit to still having customers using 3.1 and will continue to support them. God knows why.

But I still think it is their responsibility to test their software with each new Windows addition, not leave it to the customers to discover it.

  ventanas 08:04 20 Jan 2004

It's also fortunate the the XP disc for this machine predates SP1. Or I would be really stuffed.

This software despite it's age is vital to the running of the business. For them to be so off hand about it has rather riled me.

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