when trying to open ArcSoft

  nutty norm 23:04 10 Jul 2007

When trying to open ArcSoft photoImpressions 5 i get a message saying cannot find director dll, then suggests i try down loading from a disc which i do not have, any ideas what i can do,
Nutty norm

  woodchip 23:05 10 Jul 2007

How did you come to have ArcSoft?

  nutty norm 17:54 11 Jul 2007

Thanks from woodchip, I have got a bit mixed up i have found my disc which i said i did not have,
Some years ago a friend gave me a old Genius digital camera G-Shot 211 which when looking on the disc i have found ArcSoft Photo Impression so i loaded it on and it is fine, Thats why they call me nutty sometimes,Ha-------Ha

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