When to stop upgrading

  kalstras 11:13 19 Jan 2007

I want to upgrade to handle win/Vista yet I am at loggerheads with myself over the fact that at the moment, I have a Celeron 1.7ghz 400fsb, running 512mb ram,40gb harddrive, a DVD writer, and a CD writer and an extra 200GB harddrive installed and running lovely with winXP.

Now the question lies here, I am looking to upgrade my RAM (my computer will support up to 2GB over 2 slots) and a P4 400USB.

Do I cut my losses and buy a new system that already has this and more or do I carry on upgrading. It will cost me nearly 300GBP for all of this plus possibly more for a new 19"+ monitor.

Help please.


  Diodorus Siculus 11:44 19 Jan 2007

Time for a new machine; no real point in spending money upgrading what you have.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 11:44 19 Jan 2007

Why do you want to upgrade to Vista?


  GANDALF <|:-)> 11:48 19 Jan 2007

To be more clear...if you are using the computer for surfing, photo-editing and office work all I would do is stick in an extra 512Mb of RAM. Having 2Gb of RAM (esp. for photo-editng) will not make that much difference. If you are using the computer for the previous reasons you will notice NO difference at all 'upgrading' to Vista. I would be tempted to spend £130 on a 19" monitor though.


  kalstras 12:44 19 Jan 2007

Yeah that's what I'm looking for, under £70 1024 DDR PC2100 SDRAM 184pin, and if the wife agrees to it (yes please) a 19in monitor. The RAM first though, and I think it's cheaper if I buy [email protected]'s.
Only 2 slots both occupied by 256's :(

  kalstras 13:01 19 Jan 2007

where to buy cheapest RAM?

  Diodorus Siculus 18:41 19 Jan 2007

where to buy cheapest RAM?

Don't know about the cheapest, but the best is by far click here

  kalstras 14:57 20 Jan 2007

thank you!

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