When the North Wind blows!

  craneman01 21:26 02 Feb 2004

I am considering replacing my base unit in a couple of months time.
I notice on various web sites (Time etc) that the prices for units are steadily coming down which leads me to believe that a new batch of improved processors are on the horizon.
My taste at present is the Athlon64 3200+. ( The FX-51 variant of the same seems in short supply)
Could anyone in "The Know" cast a few pearls on the swine & rub the crystal ball & se what's in the future.
To buy, or not to buy, that is the question!

  Rtus 21:41 02 Feb 2004

Its just possible If you wait you may find your in the same situation in a couple of months time however buying now could also lead to "Its obsolete"..in about the same time .. Realy it has to be up to you to choose a spec youll be happy with for the time you wish to use it ! if you see what I mean..No disrespect intended..

  GANDALF <|:-)> 21:51 02 Feb 2004

Unless you are mad into games (then you wouldn't be looking at Time;-)) )you will notice no difference between any processor in the last three years. Obsolescence is utter rubbish; I know quite a few people that are happily using Windows95 on 166's. 'Future proofing' is a marketing slogan designed to lever more money out of people's wallets. If you want the computer and can get pleasure out of it buy it tomorrow and don't be influenced by anoraks. Word and Excel will open just as quickly on a Pentium II or IV.


  gudgulf 22:04 02 Feb 2004

Yep,its vital to be sure what you will will use your pc for.You will pay a premium for any latest spec machine and in real terms it might be no better than than the best of the last generation products! Can't entirely agree with Gandalf though since I've recently had to build a new pc for my use as my 5 year old decided that the elderly pc (P3 800 mHz) in his bedroom was rubbish (kids and games!!!!).He is much happier with a 2.4 gig P4/Radeon 9600pro set up.

  craneman01 22:08 02 Feb 2004

I do a lot of digital photography/video editing which is quite processor intensive. You're right in that I'm not going to blast off at half Life IV although I go back to the original Doom. (Great game, rubbish graphics, but what the hell!)
I'm running an Athlon 2600+ with a Ati 9700, a gig memory & 250 gig HDD & really it struggles at times. I go & find a can of beer out of the fridge, it can take that long to process a batch of digi snaps. Hence the query

  citadel 22:23 02 Feb 2004

There is a new format for pc's due out this year with new motherboards. There will be new cases that allow for better coolling of more powerfull processors. These new motherboards will use pci express for graphics so there will be a new range of graphics cards.

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