When is a New Program not a New Program

  Chris the Ancient 15:57 19 Jun 2009

Not important or earth-shattering... just idle curiosity within using Win XP.

Having loaded my new computer with all the programs I need/want, I'm aware that in the 'All Programs' menu under 'Start' that most of the new programs are highlighted. Now I do realise that this is a touch added by MS for the benefit of less savvy users.

Now that the computer has been in use a few days, some programs are no longer highlighted as they've been been used - or not - as I've gone along.

I haven't worked out the logic of how XP decides whether a program is new or not. Is there some sort of algorithm that counts uses or how long the program has been installed?

  FreeCell 16:22 19 Jun 2009

They are usually highlighted as New Programs until you use them for the first time.

In the Menu list the item that appears may be a folder with individual programs within it. If one of those programs is showing as a new program highlight then the folder will as well, even if you have used one or more other programs in the folder.

Its another example of MS being (overly) helpful I suspect.

  Chris the Ancient 16:25 19 Jun 2009

I did think that - but it isn't doing that in reality. It's all too random for me to figure out.

Helpful of MS... not. }:-(

  User-1229748 17:07 19 Jun 2009

it always puzzled me aswell so i untick the highlight newly installed programs box and have done with it :o)

  Chris the Ancient 17:10 19 Jun 2009


But I can't find the box to untick.

  phono 17:10 19 Jun 2009

Here is how you can disable highlighting of newly installed programs in your start menu.

Click Start, right-click your start menu and choose properties from the menu. On the Start Menu tab click Customize, click the advanced tab and clear the "Highlight newly installed programs" checkbox, hit ok a couple times to get back to the start menu.

  Chris the Ancient 17:11 19 Jun 2009

Just found it!

  Chris the Ancient 17:11 19 Jun 2009



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