When is a monitor illegal if ever?

  Timmy!! 09:49 31 Aug 2004

Is there a point when the quality of a monitor drops below an ‘acceptable’ level?

I know all about the need to provide free eye tests etc and that there shouldn’t be any glare on the screen etc etc. But is there a limit or a simple way (look at it?) to ascertain whether a monitor has degraded to a point where it may be harming the user?

I ask this for two reasons:

Firstly we have some very old (6 years) crt monitors where I work and to my eyes they look very fuzzy to the point that it’s uncomfortable to work with but nobody else says they notice anything.

Secondly, again at work, the cleaner decided to ‘clean’ all the tft monitors with glass cleaner in one office resulting in some pretty serious (again mainly in my eyes) yellow splodges/stripes on the screen which show up heavily on a white background (Word, Excel) and seem to blur the text where heavy.

Am I just being too picky or is there any responsibility by the company for everyone else despite no complaints?

  Graham ® 10:06 31 Aug 2004

The official line:

click here

  spuds 11:02 31 Aug 2004

The HSE link that Graham as provided is well worth reading. I would suggest that you take the matter up with a 'responsible' person at your place of employment, perhaps they have procedures in hand to help people like yourself who are experiencing a problem with the usage of IT equipment.

I would suggest making a print-out of the HSE document, and showing this to your company's 'responsible' person as this may help, perhaps it would also ease the burden in solving your problem. I generally find that these sort of issues do not arise in the smaller or medium size companies, "as the issue as never been raised before". Once it as been raised, then the company usually seeks further qualified help.

  Timmy!! 11:07 31 Aug 2004

I am the responsible person...

That was kinda my termoil over the question. As the 'techie' in my opinion some of the monitors don't come up to scratch but i think possibly my standards are just too high for what i constitute as a good picture.

Thats why i was looking for some kind of test or other...

  no-name 11:21 31 Aug 2004

Timmy!! "Thats why i was looking for some kind of test or other..."

If you're the only one seeing the 'fuzziness' and 'splodges' perhaps an eye test ;-)

  Graham ® 11:49 31 Aug 2004

Download a test demo click here

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