when i log off it come back up with dail up box

  holligan 14:48 31 Jan 2004

HELPW caused a general protection fault
in module USER.EXE at 0003:00008fb3.
EAX=00003904 CS=17cf EIP=00008fb3 EFLGS=00000246
EBX=00020000 SS=30c7 ESP=00006a7e EBP=00006a80
ECX=000225d7 DS=16d7 ESI=00024b17 FS=2f3f
EDX=81626740 ES=25d7 EDI=00021460 GS=0000
Bytes at CS:EIP:
8e c6 26 39 06 16 00 74 4c 8b 36 4e 01 0b f6 74

and i get this there, was a helpw when i pressed ctrl alt and del it is there now 3 times

done viris check ok

  Big Elf 15:19 31 Jan 2004

Maybe downloading an Internet Explorer update from click here might help?

  holligan 20:12 31 Jan 2004

ive not much space i think it said 45 mb.it is still happening. i typed in run helpw it come up but said its a windows prigram and wont let me delete

  Big Elf 20:18 31 Jan 2004

If you click on 'Help' then 'About Internet Explorer' it will tell you which version you have.

The suggestion I gave was based on a guess as I couldn't find anything for 'Helpw' but thought it might have something to do with Internet Explorer.

Are you saying that you only have about 45MB of hard disk space left? If so you need to remove some files. I'm not sure of the disk cleanup techniques in Win98 but hopefully someone can advise.

  Big Elf 21:02 31 Jan 2004

See also this link click here pinched from one of VoGs earlier posts today about repairing Internet Explorer.

  holligan 21:33 31 Jan 2004

could not be repaired from the repair tool.I t hink i can put it on from the isp cd i will do it tomorrow

cheers elf. you always pop up to answer my questions haha radio`s still going better not talk to soon.

  Big Elf 21:48 31 Jan 2004

I'm biased. I want to help a fellow Yorkshireman.

After saying that I will always try to help anyone if I can:0)

  holligan 21:50 31 Jan 2004

just done it ok now

plus it cleared another problem i could not clear history

or get rid off the google scearch tool. i wanted it as it was now it is thats been going on for weeks ok now

cheers big e

  Big Elf 22:00 31 Jan 2004

Was VoGs link that I 'borrowed/nicked' the one that fixed it then?

If so he's the man to thank.

  holligan 22:14 31 Jan 2004

that one told me it cant be fixed.so i had to get another ver 6


  Big Elf 22:32 31 Jan 2004

I'm glad that's cleared up then.

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