When game closes...it reboots windows :oS

  SpyMan {:o)){--< 22:13 06 Feb 2005

I have a game called Jack the Ripper...it worked fine up until the other day. Everytime i tried to star the gasme...it rebooted. I eventually found out by looking at the log files that the problem seemed to be some temporary files that kept being created. So i deleted these and the problem seemed to stop..

But now...

everytime i close the game down it reboots. I have updated all drivers, run a virus check and...there isn't a patch available for the game.

Any ideas what tis might be...and even better...how i can stop this from happening.

My next stop is a clean install of windows but i would rather avoid this....as i will never find out what is causing the problem



  SpyMan {:o)){--< 00:39 07 Feb 2005

pweeez help me.....pwitty pweeeeeezzz ;oD

  the-ram 05:11 07 Feb 2005

You don't say what os you're using but if it is XP, try running the game in compatibility mode - Start / All Programs / Accessories / Compatibility wizard

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