When free comes at a cost of £2

  sunnystaines 12:24 08 Dec 2009

Was in Dyas who had a brita jug for sale £12 on another shelf exact same jug but included 3 free cartridges included. But cost £2 more.

When i enquired why free cost £2 was told it was the extra cost of the cartridges.

why did they not say extra cartridges at at cost of £2

  sunnystaines 12:25 08 Dec 2009

thought i had posted in consumer section please move.

  Clapton is God 12:39 08 Dec 2009

Yes, but did they charge you to provide that explanation?

If not, the explanation was free. ;-))

  anchor 13:04 08 Dec 2009

sunnystaines: A bargain; replacement cartridges cost at least £4 each.

I imagine it was a manufacturers promotion.

  sunnystaines 14:19 08 Dec 2009

i bought the jug as the price was good, it was the free is not free its £2 extra that amazed me

  peter99co 14:47 08 Dec 2009

You did well with the filters.

click here

A different purchase but I know but I was in Tesco the other day and saw some Extra Strong Cheese at £1.87 for 200g and next to it on the shelf the same cheese at £2.00 for 400g

Guess which I bought?

I find many smaller quantities are more expensive and it must annoy people who only shop for single person needs.

  cocteau48 15:27 08 Dec 2009

Hi sunnystaines

So the retail price of the jug is £14.00 and with three free cartridges it is still £14.00.

However the jugs without the free cartridges are never going to sell at £14.00 while the ones with the free cartridges are on the shelf - so they reduce the price to £12.00.


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