when did dell start charging? what is tech support

  SANAP 09:46 22 Dec 2005

I bought a dell pc april 2004 with a 3 year guarantee, cant remember the exact details and have lost the invoice. I thought it would cover software/tech support over the phone and then a call out for hardware ie change a part. Imagine my amazement when I had to pay to be told to load 3 drivers!!! I installed all the other software myself but as it was written nowhere for these particular drivers I had to ask. In fact it was simple as you choose those with a tick against from a resource CD. I had to load, chipset, video, and network. It took about 5 mins.

My point is DELL support will only too happy to go for a complete re-install as that will make money for DELL. Why can't DELL put this information in the MANUAL. Its a bit like charging for telling you where the oil cap is in a new car. They give a 30 day guarantee for the software. I bet they do. I complained but got nowhere, although they did want to charge me the full amount at first but I argued and got it reduced. I wont go for a 3 year again.


  Belatucadrus 12:21 22 Dec 2005

"Dell does not give a warranty guarantee protection for:

* damage caused by incorrect installation, use, modifications or repair by any unauthorised 3rd party or yourself;
* damage caused by any party (except Dell) or other external force;
* fitness for any particular purpose;
* 3rd Party Products, Software and IM specified by you. You will receive the warranty or licence for these products directly from their manufacturer or licensor;
* any instruction given by you and correctly performed by Dell."

As you needed to install drivers it looks like section one covers this, most if not all PC suppliers will have a similar clause. They simply don't cover repairs necesitated by user damage and modification soft or hardware.

The problem appears to be that your expectations exceeded the reality and given the fact that you can't remember the details and haven't kept a copy of the Terms and conditions, I don't think there's really anything helpful that forum members can offer. Caveat emptor, sorry.

  ventanas 12:26 22 Dec 2005

Exactly as Belatucadrus puts it, you PC was not broken or damaged accidentaly.

And when all said and done, loading the Dell resource CD is a very simple process isn't it. It actually tells you what hardware you have and what to load, just tick the boxes one at a time after each restart.

  MichelleC 12:58 22 Dec 2005

It's cheaper to use this forum and you'll probably get better support too.

  SANAP 13:40 22 Dec 2005

Thanks for replies. For a newbie it is not easy to figure out the resource cd, the ticks could mean all these drivers are on the disc and not necessarily these are the ones you can use, eg against the video drivers it had ticks against about 6. As I have a 3 year guarantee I did not want to mess up and do something wrong so I called DELL. Here is the item on the 3year gauarantee.

click here

My mistake it looks like is assuming technical support includes software. BUT where on the dell site does it mention charges??
And yes the help on here is brill but having never installed xp before I did not even know what to ask. At the end yopu have to laod a chipset, video, and network in that order. Hopefully this post will make people aware of the possible charge and look elsewhere.

happy holiday


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