Whci version of ZA do you use for Vista?

  Halmer 10:14 16 May 2009

I ask because I tried 8.0.298 click here which was originally Vista compliant accordin to File Hippo but I am having 'freezing' problems with it. ZA offered me this as an update.

I now notice that any reference to Vista has been remove under the technical/requirements section so I am wondering if I need to revert back to 7.1.254 click here from the ZA site.


  Bob The Blob 10:23 16 May 2009

I don't use any firewall for Vista apart from the built in one.
Never had a problem in over a year.
I think you're just being overly cautious as you don't really need another one.

  AL47 11:00 16 May 2009

i am wanting to reinstall ZA firewall too, can anybody say whether it still causes freezing?

  Halmer 12:59 16 May 2009

if you try to download version 7.1.254 from the link that I have provided above it downloads version 8.0.298.

This still freezes my Vista laptop.

  AL47 15:04 16 May 2009

you would think they would sort this out!

  Halmer 09:33 17 May 2009

click here

First one is the free version.

  AL47 10:59 17 May 2009

im not liking comodo, think i will go back to that version,

  Halmer 11:39 17 May 2009

not a big fan of Comodo.

  Stuartli 13:22 17 May 2009

One version of ZA didn't work properly with Vista IIRC, but an updated version was released very soon afterwards.

I dropped ZA several months ago, after many years of using it, in favour of Comodo Firewall Pro (freeware) and have not regretted it one bit.

  AL47 13:25 17 May 2009

i find ZA just right,
1 pop up per program once, quite effective 'install mode'

controlling programs access to the internet is so simple with its tick/cross boxes

GUI is brilliant

comodo had too many popups on one setting, none on the next one down, and its program control wasnt so easy imo

  AL47 13:26 17 May 2009

if a V8 works without locking up firefox hope someone posts a link

Halmer, your download link seems to be working so far

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