What'sThe Difference Between NTL And BT???

  cubeladd 15:58 25 Feb 2004

I have been looking at various ISPs on the internet and nearly all of them say that I need a BT line to connect. Some ISPs can accept NTL/Telewest as well, but not many. Iam confused as to what that means. Is there a difference between a BT fitted telephone socket and a NTL fitted socket?

  LeadingMNMs 16:02 25 Feb 2004

BT use the standard telephone line in all our homes, whereas a NTL line is a fibre optic cable that is installed into the home.

BT only use there line for telephone and Internet calls whereas NTL also can provide digital television etc due to the higher bandwidth available to them.

  cubeladd 16:06 25 Feb 2004

OK, so an NTL line is a fibre optic cable, but if I got NTL to activate or fit a telephone line would this be classed as a BT line?

  Clint2 16:15 25 Feb 2004


  Andsome 16:27 25 Feb 2004

You can only use NTL cable if they have already installed a cable in the road outside your house. They are nothing whatsoever to do with BT. You can telephone a BT land line or ANY mobile phone phone from an NTL cable line, the same as you can telephone any NTL cable phone from any land line or mobile. NTL bring a cable into your hope for your phone and TV. If you want to go online with NTL you will need in the first instance a CD for dial up. You will, access the INTERNET the same as with BT, via the phone line and will be unable to use the INTERNET and the phone at the same time. If you go broadband with NTL, they will supply a cable modem which sits on top of your computer, and will bring another cable into the house connected in parallel with the TV line. Alternatively in some areas according to which NTL franchise supplies that area, the connection for broadband will be via your set top box, through which you receive cable television. No matter which way you are connected to the broadband INTERNET with NTL, you can use the phone and the INTERNET at the same time WITHOUT any extra boxes, as the two links are entirely independent. NTL is on the whole cheaper for phone that BT. I believe that some NTL franchises used to offer INTERNET and phone without TV, but I don't know if this is still the case.

  Clint2 16:37 25 Feb 2004

Very succinct

  joeltr 16:41 25 Feb 2004

i have a bt line for my phone calls, but for internet access i have ntl(cable), 150 broadband, i dont have any other package from ntl, at one time you had to have the phone or tv package, but now you can just have broadband fitted, its fine they even ran it into the bedroom for me, regards, joel.

  AVIDA 16:42 25 Feb 2004

yes ntl do still provide phone and bb connection/service without tv

  canard 20:18 25 Feb 2004

I'll tell you the difference. When I signed up for BT Anytime and it refused my password I got NO help and the monthly payment was totally wasted.They offered mw a free month's Anytime as compensation- but this amounts to zilch if your sign in always fails. I signed up for NTL BB and if and when things go wrong they sort them on the spot. You can go on to NTL BB with either a BT or NTL line. But it's cheaper to install if you change to NTL.Also you get free calls on the helpline. Not so good is that each monthly bill costs £1 and every time you ring out it costs the basic when the phone isn't answered.

  woodchip 20:41 25 Feb 2004

NTL as Cable underground, BT use Phone lines. And just to confuse matters I have a BTline using NTL Dial-Up service called NTL321 service

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