What's wrong with pc?

  thewasp 15:58 22 Feb 2006

PC crashes/freezes, often at startup, sometimes random. Always seems to freeze when saving sound files on audio cleaning lab.

Tried so far:

Fitted new hd and reinstalled windows.
Tested ram - no errors
Checked for viruses and spyware - none.

No hardware installed recently.

What else could I try?

  LinH 16:24 22 Feb 2006

Hi thewasp,

Try uninstalling all your audio related software and rebooting to see if it solves the problem.

I had similar problems with Creative's 5.1 software, but once it was removed my system worked perfectly. Creative were a great help and sent me updated software which cured the problem completely.

Hope this helps.



  martjc 16:35 22 Feb 2006

...If not try this. Open the case up. Check ALL cables, data, power, the lot! Check especially those from the power supply. Check that all cards are seated properly - it's even worth taking them out, one at a time and replacing them securely.

If no joy, you may have a faulty power supply. If you have a tester, test the output from the power cable going to the motherboard - wiggle it about while the tester is on it and note any fluctuation. This would indicate a faulty psu.

  Gongoozler 16:46 22 Feb 2006

"PC crashes/freezes, often at startup". Is this always after Windows has loaded, or does the computer sometimes freeze before Windows has started to load?

  thewasp 17:23 22 Feb 2006

Usually it crashes before Windows loads, though it can occur in the middle of anything.

Usually it comes up with device driver error, but no drivers have been added since the problem started.

Voltages all seem OK, temperature is below 60.

  thewasp 17:59 22 Feb 2006

Think you might be onto something martjc.

I wiggled the main plug onto the motherboard when running and the screen froze. Have unplugged/reconnected it and so far so good.

  Mytob 18:44 22 Feb 2006

pull every component that is not critical ie cd rom drives modems lan cards and run with the bare minimum and see what happens. add them back one by one until you identify the offending part. simplist way of doing it and is usualy the most sucessful.

  thewasp 19:52 22 Feb 2006

Still crashing on startup, device driver or USBPORT.SYS error

  Gongoozler 20:10 22 Feb 2006

In diagnosing this problem it's important to know if the crashing is before there is any hard drive activity, i.e. Windows loading, in which case it must be a hardware fault, or during / after Windows loads pointing to a software problem.

  thewasp 20:53 22 Feb 2006

Windows often starts loading, it usually crashes just as the main screen comes up.

  Gongoozler 22:26 22 Feb 2006

Can you get the computer to start in Safe Mode?

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