What's wrong with my Monitor

  kabarole 15:23 02 Nov 2009

Every so often, completely randomly and for no apparent reason, my Monitor will suddenly go blank. The power remains on but obviously I cannot do anything as I can't see what I am doing. After a few seconds a message "out of range" appears and scrolls down the screen.
I have to switch off my PC at the mains in order to access it again. Is it the M onitor? If so how can I prevent it? Or is it my PC? Any help/advice would be appreciated as it drives me mad when it happens (about 1 in 10 times).

  BRYNIT 15:47 02 Nov 2009

It could be the Monitor how old is it?

It could be a loose cable. Have you checked that the cable from the monitor to the computer is secure.

Try the Monitor on another computer.

  peter99co 21:14 02 Nov 2009

Did you have a manual with the monitor? It may explain what "out of range means"

  peter99co 21:17 02 Nov 2009

I would switch off the monitor and switch on again before considering computer shutdown.

It must have an on/off switch on it.

  peter99co 21:19 02 Nov 2009

Check power settings on control panel to see what setting you have.

  intense 23:54 02 Nov 2009

presumably you are using the PC when the screen goes blank?
If not you might consider peter99co's suggestion by going to display settings in control panel, hit the screensaver tab, and then click the power button... check how long it is before your computer turns the screen off.
'out of range' means that the PC is no longer sending a signal to the monitor.
I need more info really to diagnose check the above and re-post :-)

  kabarole 07:14 03 Nov 2009

Thanks for your response and those of BRYNIT & Peter99cd. Yes the PC/Monitor is in use when it inexplicably goes off. Even though the power light on the monitor remains on I am then unable to turn it off and back on, so my only option is to switch the PC off manually (which I don't like doing obviously). When this blackout occurs I've tried waiting a few minutes to see if the monitor decides to come back on. I've also tried all the connections and they appear to be sound. I've even tried disconnecting and reconnecting the leads at the monitor end and the PC end. All this to no avail.
Why though would the PC cease sending a signal to the monitor????? The monitor is a Digimate flat screen 17". If you require more please let me know.

  wee eddie 10:27 03 Nov 2009

either the Graphics Card, or the Monitor's, ability to Display something at the screens size, say 1024 x 856.

It may be set to setting that the Monitor can't handle. Most Monitors allow you to set them at "Optimum" during Set-up.


Start > Control Panel > Display > Settings.

I haven't had to do this for years, so others may have to explain how to do it.

  peter99co 17:32 03 Nov 2009

It may be that you have to check the graphics card as above and test the monitor on a lower setting. Is the PC clean inside and the fans working?

  BRYNIT 18:29 03 Nov 2009

Have you tried the Monitor on another Computer. This will determine if the fault is with the Monitor or the computer.

  intense 22:55 03 Nov 2009

Good point, wee eddie,
kabarole, have you got onboard graphics on your PC? By that i mean does it have the same VGA connector (usually blue) up where all your USB ports n stuff are?
If it does you could try plugging it to that and see if the problem persists.. if you don't have the problem anymore it's the graphics card..

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