Whats a shared graphics card?

  vaughan007 09:21 14 Dec 2004

Was browsing the pc adverts and noticed a few systems say...

64mb graphics (shared) or something similar.

...what does this mean?

is this what I would call an onboard graphics card?

  woodchip 09:26 14 Dec 2004

It means the Graphics is built into the motherboard, and it uses physical Memory that is installed. This can be changed in BIOS as to how much memory you want to let it use

  Rigga 09:28 14 Dec 2004

Yes what you are reading about is an on-board graphics card, but the shared bit refers to the graphics card memory.

Some on-board graphics cards do not have their own memory, so they allocate some of the system memory for graphics.

What this basically means is that if you have a system that uses a "64mb graphics (shared)", and your PC has a total of 256mb memory then only 192mb is available for windows to use.


  Rigga 09:29 14 Dec 2004

woodchip.. snap..

I should really learn to start hitting refresh before posting..


  vaughan007 09:30 14 Dec 2004

Thanks for that...I thought it was something like this.

Does this cause much difficulty if you want to plug in a 'standard' card into the AGP slot?

  TomJerry 09:59 14 Dec 2004

For most motherboards, once you plug in a AGP card, on-board grapgics will be automatically disabled.

Even it is not automatically disabled (very rare), you can disable it inside of "bios".

  Stuartli 10:17 14 Dec 2004

The "shared" bit is used for the monitor display.

I once had a Pentium 100Mhz Time system (bought in 1966 that "pinched" one MB of the 8MB of RAM for the 64-bit integrated graphics card - it could be increased to two MB if required.

The manual, which I still have, stated that it was a "very high performance card which could be set up to share one or two MB of main RAM".

It added: "We do not recommend you upgrade this card. The best way to increase performance and resolution is to increase the system RAM to 16MB and use two MB for video memory."

"This is more cost effective and will result in a far more powerful system overall"...:-)

To double the memory at that time would have cost well into three figures...:-))

  vaughan007 10:32 14 Dec 2004

...question answered.

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