What's running on the computer?

  spuds 12:37 19 May 2008

Can someone suggest a 'very good' download program, that can monitor what is running in the background, from start-up to actual normal daily routines.

I have a problem with my ISP, and they are suggesting that there might be something running on the computer that is giving internet speed and connection problems. Normal spyware (Spyware Terminator), Anti-Virus (Avast) and Firewall (Kerrio Sunbelt) are running all the time.

Running something like Advance Window Care 2, tends to suggest that 4 programs are running in the background or at least on start-up.I have also run AVG rootkit, but that finds nothing.

Advice and help would be most welcome, in resolving this issue.

  ened 12:54 19 May 2008

Can you not see as much as you need with Task Manager?

I have found in the past that when an isp says something like this it is actually trying to blame you for it's own failings.

Do you by any chance have another machine or lapptop which you could use on the connection?

  tullie 13:06 19 May 2008

Why not just run msconfig?

  Snec 14:12 19 May 2008

It is the best of the many I have tried. click here

  Terry Brown 15:38 19 May 2008

try click here , this program lists all the programs that start automaticly and let you disable/ enable very easily.

  brundle 15:41 19 May 2008

What's Running. click here

or Process Explorer click here

There is more going on than simple startup-managers and MSConfig will inform you of.

Autoruns will show you absolutely everything that starts with Windows but it can be a bit overwhelming; click here

  ened 15:53 19 May 2008

I still think this is probably a red-herring!

I had exactly the same thing with an Indian call centre the other day and all I was calling for was to try to ascertain whether the fault was with them.

After fifteen minutes of him trying to get me to change the settings in my machine, and me refusing, I managed to get him to admit that they were doing a major upgrade and the connection would be dodgy for 24 hours or so.

Now why couldn't he have told me that at the outset? More importantly: how many less experienced users would have blindly followed his advice and probably messed up their machines?

  brundle 15:56 19 May 2008

Good point ened, easier for them to blame the customer.

  spuds 16:13 19 May 2008

Thanks Guys

Some very good information and downloads. Just downloaded them and had a quick look, now to find the working instructions :O)

ened-- You may have hit the nail on the head. Had a BT Broadband engineer here last Friday, and he did quite a bit of work. I am getting b/b speeds of 1.1Mb to 2.8Mb for an 'upto' 8Mb service. BT and the ISP are saying the line is showing at 4Mb and that the line should support 5Mb/6Mb. The 5Mb/6Mb is what about my neighbours are getting on a regular basis. The ISP are now talking about reducing my package to 2Mb, and I am not an happy bunny.

Terry Brown-- Appears that you might have a bad link. Comes back as error.

Thanks again everyone for the advice and downloads.

  cocteau48 16:27 19 May 2008

Without doubt the best and the most useful(IMHO) with more information than you can throw a stick at;
Anvir Task Manager Free
click here
Programs come and go but this has been a long term keeper for me.

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