What's the protocol on drive assignment with USB?

  montyburns 15:20 17 Apr 2004


As part of our updating process at work we are using 2 laptops, on mobile units, as "slaves" (ie they will have external keyboards, mice, monitors, 250Gb HDD's and Zip drives.

The latter are USB. We need to specify a definate, specific, non-changing drive letter for the HDD (the Zip could be anything) as the program we use will save first to the laptop HD, then the external as an archive. I don't really mind what the letter is, as long as it doesn't change.

We had "A", "C" and "D" before I started. On machone One, I plugged the HDD in and it became "E". The Zip followed and became "F". On the other one, I inadvertantly plugged the Zip in first, so the letters were reversed. I thought if I un-plugged them both and started again, then it would default to "E" for the first peripheral, and then "F" for the second, but it seems to have remembered which was which.

This is not a problem, as, so long as the archive is pointing to the HDD, it will work fine. I suppose I have three questions

1) Does XP "remember" which drive was which, or does it relate to which goes in first after a new session (re-boot)starts?
2) If it DOES remember, can the drive allocations be changed
3) If it doesn't remember, can it be forced to remember?

Thanks in advance!


  jim1947 16:18 17 Apr 2004

Right click my computer, select manage, select disk management, right click disk you want to change, select change drive letter....select letter from availalable list. You will have to change one of the drives first to a letter other than E or F, then change the drives to the order you want them.

  montyburns 11:34 18 Apr 2004

Thanks Jim, but does anyone know if, once the letters have been correctly set up, if they'll stay that way regardless of the order you plug drives in?!


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