What's this pc worth?

  silverous 21:27 12 Jul 2008


My in-laws want to get rid of their PC and have a couple who are interested in it however they don't know how much it is worth. I looked on ebay but no-one bids until the last minute really so difficult to get a good idea. It is a:

Compaq Presario AMD Athlon XP 2400+ (2 ghz I believe)

192MB RAM (yes really!)
Windows XP
30G Hard Disk
15" TFT (flat) monitor

and they are throwing in a lexmark Z815 printer.

With new Dell PCs available with flat screens for a few hundred pounds I suggested they ask for £50 for this.


  gengiscant 21:33 12 Jul 2008

Fair price.providing its in a reasonable working order.Hopefully they would only want it to do basic stuff.No high end gaming or video editing.

  silverous 21:43 12 Jul 2008

Thanks. It is in excellent condition, only used a handful of times in the last few years. The processor is better than I thought - with say 512MB of RAM chucked in I'd say it could handle most things other than games/video editing as you say.

  woodchip 21:48 12 Jul 2008

Not a lot, as on Wednesday Makro Warehouse as a Acer Laptop with Athlon Duo CPU 17ins monitor Multi DVD writer and 1Gbram 80Gb Hard Drive for I think its £245 plus vat

  silverous 21:50 12 Jul 2008

245 plus vat is a lot more than 50 quid including printer, if you don't need what that laptop gives tho.

  Ditch999 22:10 12 Jul 2008

At least £75. A copy of XP alone cost more than £50! Never mind a 15" TFT. If they wait a bit longer it might even go up in price when MS stop supplying XP - supply and demand you know!!

  skidzy 22:29 12 Jul 2008

Put it in the local paper or shop window and ask for £100

I have a very similar specked machine in my workshop that the boys mess around with.It does everything it is asked.

Just extra ram needed for the above pc and would be worth the £100

  silverous 22:39 12 Jul 2008

Thanks guys, seems £50 isn't unreasonable and about right, especially as this couple are "friends".

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