whats is an ok ping time for broadband?

  Tecno Dan 18:37 28 Apr 2003

evening all,

I have recently got broadband and decided to go for a router. I was looking forward to good ping times, but could some one tell me what a good ping time is for broadband when connect at 575Kbps.

I trying pinging the google.com website and got a ping of 170, which is huge. Then i pinged pcadvisor and got about 30. Is there some thing wrong?

any advise welcome, thanks


  hugh-265156 18:51 28 Apr 2003

about 40ms but varies

  Tecno Dan 18:58 28 Apr 2003

as the google.com webservie is likely to be located in the US some where, is it normal that my ping to that server would go up to 170?



  powerless 19:09 28 Apr 2003

PCA is england.

Google is in the USA so ping will be higher.

Try pinging some server is Australia and you'll see the ping shoot up.

  The Idle one 19:22 28 Apr 2003

Unless you are gaming then ping is relative.
Mine is larger about 700 as I actually join the net in Germany (Waldrem satlink station) though with a uk isp.
Have had no trouble d/loading or uploading,but the isp says no good for games & the like.

  Tecno Dan 19:24 28 Apr 2003

ok thanks guys

  suttzy 22:06 28 Apr 2003

Hi Dan. Go have a look here

click here

Plenty to look at and tweak

  sunnysingh 22:19 28 Apr 2003

click here

Very good utility - does a trace and its free

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