What's my Radeon 9600 PRo 128Mb worth?

  Ironman556 16:07 16 May 2004

Hi, thinking of upgrading to a Sapphire Radeon 9800Pro 128Mb which I can get from my local PC store for £160 inc. VAT. (£20 more than Komplett, but I can part ex. my current card).

Curently I have a Sapphire Radeon 9600 Pro 128MB, just under 1 yr old, never overclocked, original driverdisc, no original box. They've offered me £50 for it. Does that sound about right? I've found the same card new for around £100 on either ebuyer or komplett (can't remember which). Is there anywhere I may get a better price for it?


  Rayuk 16:35 16 May 2004

You can pick one up for about £80odd at Aria.co.uk so £50 would seem ok to me

  Ironman556 23:29 16 May 2004

But manufacturer on those is generic, not a branded name.

  westdudes 23:36 16 May 2004

personally i wud ask for 80quid....more the better but 50 quid feels like ur being ripped off a little.

by the way...i have the same card your after...no complaints :)

  Ironman556 23:43 16 May 2004

I thought £50 sounded a little low, hence questioning in here.

I'd have liked a 9800 ages ago but the prices were just too high, so I settled with the 9600 which is also a great card, but the 9800 will double my framerate :-D, and now the XT is out it's an affordable card.

  BeForU 23:46 16 May 2004

You could quite simply get a 256mb version of the 9800 PRO and risk flashing it so that it becomes an actual XT card. Current releases of 9800 Pro 256mb versions are basically just underclocked XT's so your basially saving money, but at a cost of BIOS flashing.

Anyways 9600 PRO's arent really that much now. At least a price from £60-100 would do.

  GaT7 00:00 17 May 2004

Agree with westdudes. Ask for more & they may come down a bit. IMHO £65 would be fair. One of the cheapest I could find is £89 (incl VAT) at eBuyer - click here. Good luck, G

  Ironman556 00:49 17 May 2004

Sorry, I think you misunderstood my post (I have a nasty habit of cunfusing people, but I'm very good at it), I'm not after an XT, for the money the couple of extra frames per sec aren't worth it, and there's not really a huge performance difference. All I meant was that when I built my PC the 9800's were up towards £300, whereas a 9600 was only £150ish. now the 9800's have dropped it's time to invest in one.



That's what I was hoping the PC shop would offer me, if they had I'd have let them supply the new card to me a few ££ more than I can get it online. When they came back to me and said £50 I wondered if it really drops that much being second hand.

Someone suggested to me that I try the KustomPC's forum, so I might give it a go there.

Thanks to everyone so far.

  BeForU 01:34 17 May 2004

Oh I do understand your post. All I was saying is that since your thinking about investing in a 9800 PRO. If you have just a little extra cash and find a good offer, you could get the 256mb version of it, and if you are really brave enough, you could flash it's BIOS so you can actually make the card a 9800 XT. That way you buy a 9800 Pro for a much cheaper price, but making it get the performance of the XT which is the most expensive card out of the 9800's. Hope you understood this better.

  BeForU 01:36 17 May 2004

Should add 'expensive & powerful'. Although with the new cards that are out, its outdated already but still good enough for the majority of gamers and with its prices running low, its a good time to get them.

  Ironman556 01:42 17 May 2004

Ok, well I think there was a misunderstanding about me misunderstanding what I mistook you misunderstood... if that makes sense (see my confusting streek?)

Anyway, to sum that up, thanks, I didn't know that they could be flashed to XT's. I'll see what the prices are on the 256Mb as they were quite a bit more last time I looked. Not confident in flashing a new card though, maybe the idea will sound good sometime in the furtre.

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