What's my ideal virtual memory setting?

  erkmatrix 10:29 28 Jul 2010

Hi I'm a memory problem on my PC when I use this photo art software it comes up with out of memory.

My PC is quite high spec so I'm confused how it runs out of memory, I thought this would be good enough. I'm running Windows 7 64-bit, on a i7 CPU 920 Overclocked to 3.8Ghz and has 6GB Corsair DDR3 1600MHz C9 Triple Channel. OS is on a 80GB Intel X25-M SSD Drive and storage is on a Samsung F3 1TB drive

Do I really need even more memory or can I change my virtual memory setting. All I had open was the software and my firefox browser when the error comes up, not like I was seriously multi-tasking.

My virtual memory says its set to automatically paging files for all drives and at the bottom it says

Minimum: 16MB
Recommended: 9202
Currently Allocated: 6135

Is there anything recommended me to change the virtual memory to or will I need more memory.

  Technotiger 10:44 28 Jul 2010
  erkmatrix 12:51 28 Jul 2010

Cheers but no it didn't work and still says out of memory I altered it to 6000 x 1.5 and max 6000 x 3

initial: 9000
max: 18000

so it look like I'll need to invest in more memory. unbelievable.

Thanks for trying to help.

  Covergirl 13:00 28 Jul 2010

Perhaps there may be some specs on the box.

Then again there may be a forum associated with that software which contains hints & tips and solutions

  mooly 13:06 28 Jul 2010

I suspect another issue.
If 6 gb RAM isn't enough nothing is.

  I am Spartacus 13:26 28 Jul 2010

As mooly suggests. It may be that the software you're using requires or expects that there's a page file on the c:\ drive. Windows 7 'should' normally turn this off on an SSD to stop excessive wear together with Readyboost and Defragmentation.

Alternatively you could set the page file manually on the F3 rather than have it automatically assigned.

  erkmatrix 09:32 29 Jul 2010

Hi again, yeah the software is Photo Tools, I've contacted them and not heard anything back yet.

I am Spartacus, thanks for your input, I did change both drives actually to be

initial: 9000
max: 18000

but it has no effect, it doesn't do it all the time but their must be something wrong somewhere, maybe it is something to do with the SSD drive only being 80GB. Its damn annoying, you think you have bought a computer to handle most things and yet still you get problems.

  Terry Brown 09:51 29 Jul 2010

If the software is memory intensive, and you have only (by todays standards) a small Harddrive, it cannot create a big enough swap file.

If the free space is less then 25% , this will cause the problem you have, as windows 7 is very resourse hungry.

You may need to get a larger harddrive drive (i.e. 500GB), and use that for Photo Tools editing on , and reset the MFT (see link) click here for that (or all drives)


  john bunyan 10:09 29 Jul 2010

In Photoshop, preferences (I know you have Photo Tools) there is a way of allocating scratch discs. If such an option is on your software, I suggest you allocate the Samsung as the primary scratch disc and the SSd as the seconary. Still surprised you have a problem as I have none with PS CS4 and only 4 Gig RAM, even with multiple photos open.

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