What's most likely broken here?

  swintex 06:14 03 Mar 2003

My 450M PIII Packard Bell stopped the other night - fans & HD stopped, monitor went to standby. Both the power and HD lights stayed on, but with no HD activity. Power button (ATX case, no reset) has no effect at all.

My first thought was some sort of PS failure, so I tried another, and also another switch, but had exactly the same symptoms.

The PS fan runs, but the processor & (I guess) on-board graphics fans are merely "alive".

Swapping the PS will have re-seated all of the power connectors. Next, I'm going to take EVERYTHING off, dust & reassemble.

My question is, should something have failed, what is most probable given these symptoms, BIOS, MOBO or CPU?

  AndySD 06:21 03 Mar 2003

When you turn it on are there any beeps at all?

  swintex 08:16 03 Mar 2003

AndySD, thanks for the response.

No beeps, no disc activity, the power & HDD LEDs light, the PS fan spins & the 2 fans on the mobo just have a bit of a "shimmy", yuo can tell they have power, but don't spin (they aren't seized).

That's about all that happens.

  Gongoozler 09:58 03 Mar 2003

Hi swintex. I don't know the Packard Bell PC at all, so I will make some guesses.

You have eliminated the PSU and switch. The BIOS is very unlikely to cause any of the symptoms you have described. It is possible (but unlikely) that the motherboard has a fan speed detector that shuts down the motherboard if the fan is too slow, in which case the cpu fan could be the cause of the problem, or there could be a motherboard or cpu failure that is overloading the PSU (more likely).

When you take everything off for a dusting and reassembly, leave them all disconnected, with just the motherboard, power supply, power switch and fans connected. Do the fans run at normal speed then? If they do, start reassembling bit by bit until things go wrong.

  swintex 10:06 03 Mar 2003

Thanks Gongoozler, I'll try that incremental reassembly when I geat home tonight.

  MAJ 10:09 03 Mar 2003

And just to add to Gongoozler's excellent suggestion, build the parts he mentions, outside the case, that will reduce any chance that it will be a short causing the problem.

  MalcSP 12:43 03 Mar 2003

but if your Mobo fans (by which i think you mean your heatsink fan/processor fan) has failed, your processor might have, and probably has from what you say, burned out.

  muna 14:49 03 Mar 2003

failure to get beeps is usually faulty memory

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