What's a Mojave

  Fibonacci 13:57 03 Mar 2003

Have been trying for six months to get Pinnacle DC10+ working but with no luck. Using Dell dimension4500 60gbseagate 512mb ram xphome, have recently updayted dc10+ to version8 still no joy. having just used Dell diagnostic for movies got the result 'no mojave installed'. ??????
help please.

  €dstow 14:02 03 Mar 2003

It's a desert in the USA, I was there last week.

Can't find any computer references to it. Have you asked Pinnacle or Dell?


  Fibonacci 15:11 03 Mar 2003

Thanx for the advice - good thinking. I'll have a go.

  Fibonacci 14:01 04 Mar 2003

Tried Dell and Roxio and Pinnacle and after a couple of downloads that looked promising was disappointed as they were of no help at all but I think I'll persist with dell as its their kit I am trying to fix.
The more I look at the more I think its some sort of clash between xp and the dell configuration.
thanks for your help.

  Fibonacci 14:05 04 Mar 2003

by the way it seems that Mojave is some sort of midway connector between video input and capture with the software - it is in the software usually provided by the maker, i think i have it on board now but it is so far recognised by the registry

  Fibonacci 14:06 04 Mar 2003

sorry - not recognised by the registry

  MichelleC 14:20 04 Mar 2003

I hope I am wrong but this sounds familiar - is it 1 of the Dell dv 'bundles'. They did 1 with Dazzle and VideoWave? It never worked, as it was too buggy. If it is 1 of Dellboy's 'bundles' you may get the run-around from all support depts.

But it may be an xp dv issue. It's worth trying the kit in a 98 os and if it works dual boot os.

  Fibonacci 17:56 04 Mar 2003

MichelleC - No this is not one of the Dell bundles but it is not working as it should and I have not yet tried the dv side so i expect that will be the same.
I did have a go at dual-booting but had so much hassle with it I gave up on it. probably my fault as i know ther are a some pitfalls in that direction. Thanks for your efforts.

  Falkyrn 18:09 04 Mar 2003

According to

click here

... The retail versions of Videowave 4 & 5 will not work with the Dell Dazzle card. ... Don't
use the Dazzle Mojave device, instead choose the Microsoft DV Cam device. ...

The site listed above goes on to provide a workaround

  graham 18:11 04 Mar 2003

The compatability program in XP should let you try it in different versions of windows.

  Fibonacci 19:23 04 Mar 2003

Graham - done all that - although I did get a black scratchy screen at one time.

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