What's happened to signupshield by protecteer?

  charliep 10:53 04 Oct 2012

I've been using Signupshield password manager with its disposable email addressess for quite some time and found it very useful. But when I renewed my subscription this time and tried to add the new license number, all I get is a message saying "the current user has been revoked". I contacted Protecteer support and got a standard confirmation, but nothing else. Just can't get any where with them. Does anyone have any ideas what has happened with them?

  Forum Editor 11:04 04 Oct 2012

You've posted this in Speakers Corner, but it really belongs in the Tech Helproom. I'm transferring it to that section now.

  poly_perkins 13:54 08 Oct 2012

I for one am in the process of ditching Protecteer's Sign up Shield. The main reason is that it still announces that it supports Firefox 3. For Goodness sake protecteer I am using Firefox 15.0.1. Sign up shield will not work with fire fox 15.

I have moved to Keepass Password Safe which is free and does exactly what Sign up Shield does/did.

  charliep 15:38 08 Oct 2012

It wasn't just the password feature I liked but the disposable emails. It's this function that's not working even tho they've taken my money and sent me a new license number. I can only assume the site is running on auto.

  poly_perkins 16:46 08 Oct 2012

I had a problem over a year ago when I renewed my license number for the disposable email address, problem was I had already renewed it as a result of a reminder about a month earlier, so I had effectively renewed it twice. Each time I contacted them I was asked to give the serial numbers that appeared in the "help about" of course they were all valid and they just could not or would not understand that I would not need more than one license for this function. They refused to refund me £12.50 and that started the end of my love affair with them. They claim 32,000,000 that's 32 million shipped or downloaded. A lot of money for them to get pickey about £12.50. I too liked the disposable email function but you know Yahoo have the same function if you want to look into it and you might want to investigate keepass too.

  poly_perkins 16:50 08 Oct 2012

If you paid for the disp email function via paypal you can institute a complaint procedure but if you paid for it by credit card you should contact them and get them to request a refund - It's worth making a nuisance of yourself.

  charliep 09:20 12 Oct 2012

Thanks Poly_Perkins I might just do that. I can keep the signup feature going as that licence doesn't need renewing, but I've got numerous email addresses I can't manage. Most annoying.

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